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Kingswood Educational Visit 2017

Thursday 22nd June


The countdown has begun! Only one more day until the big trip to Kingswood Residential Centre. I’m not sure who is more excited for this trip, the staff, or the children.  Please remember to use the checklist when packing for the trip as we wouldn’t want you to forget anything! We also advise that your child brings their checklists with them so they can use this when packing to come home. We will keep in daily contact with you during the trip. However, from previous years, we know that the signal is not the best so the pictures may take a little longer to upload. Please remember that the bus will be leaving promptly at 9. 45am. Therefore, we expect to see and sea of grey Pencaerau T-shirts at 9.00 am at the latest. This is going to be a trip to remember, so don’t forget to wear your biggest smiles!

Friday 23rd June

Hello from Kingswood! We arrived here at camp at 15.45pm. The coach trip mostly consisted of rustling sweet wrappers, are we there yet? and singing songs. In the words of Simon Cowell… Actually, I think I will let you judge the singing for yourself (Please see videos). Already, the children have been trained in the art of bed making. Although, they have not mastered that art yet! Let me guess, 50% of you are excited to enjoy a little more me time? Whilst the other 50% of you are worried how your child will cope being away from home? I can reassure you that we have nothing but smiles here at camp!

Road trip

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What a fantastic first day/night we had. We filled our time with lots of fun and exciting activities. Already the children have come face-to-face with a lot of wildlife. The children enjoyed exploring caves and developing skills such as: communication, self-confidence, leadership and support. In addition, they enjoyed spending their free time playing games such as volleyball and football. The last activity of the night was Scrapheap Challenge. Using initiative, team work and a whole lot of rubbish, they were challenged to build rockets that they later launched into the sky. Please see the video to witness one of their moments of triumph!

Scraphead Challenge

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Saturday 24 th June

Day two in the Big Brother house. I apologise, I mean the Kingswood residential lodges. I wonder how many of you will read that in a Geordie accent. Last night, lights out was at 10:00pm. Many of the children woke up at 6.30am this morning. Although, the suggested time to get up was 7.45am. I think we will have a lot of tired children tonight. Drum roll, please… the winners of ‘The tidiest Room Award’ goes to Mckenzie P, Harry H and Dylan J. Their room was spotless! Yes parents, you read it right... SPOTLESS! Already this morning we have filled up on breakfast which included: a full English breakfast, fruit and cereal and we are ready for a thrilling day.

We have been extremely busy today! The children particularly enjoyed Jacob’s Ladder. Many children are overwhelmed that they have confronted some of their fears. Fuelled with adrenaline because of their success, the groups team work skills have gone from strength to strength. We also took part in a guided Night Walk where we explored our surrounding after dark. Year 6 are particularly excited to feedback the facts that they have learnt about their current topic of study (WW1) to their class mates and Miss Woolley. I’m sure the children will agree with me when I say, in all things nature there is something marvellous. In addition to these activities, the children took part in Bouldering, Low Ropes, Problem Solving, and Archery. However, my favourite activity to watch was they Night Line. The Night Line required the children to navigate their way through a series of obstacles and mazes as a group, relying heavily on the trust and the support of each other in a safe and secure environment. However, their imaginations were running wild about what was around them which resulted in a few screams. They loved it and they are already asking if they can do the Night Line again next year.


The children started their day expecting their night to be a late one that would be filled with sweets and gossiping about the days events. However, all lights were out by 10pm and the children struggled to fight their tiredness. Therefore, they were all sound asleep by 10.20pm... result!

Sunday 25th June


I never thought I’d say this and in fact I think that I am still in shock… the children reminded us to do room checks this morning. I think it is fair to say that they girls have upped their game massively. As a result, the proud winners of ‘The Tidiest Room Award’ goes to Renae B, Katie- Leigh J, Sherria H, Kiera J and Casey W.


After splitting up into groups this morning the children did a variety of activities including Frisbee Golf and Bushcraft Shelter. We are particularly proud of the behaviour of the children and it has been noticed by the staff around camp. Go Pencaerau! The instructors have been excellent and have even made getting to and from activities fun and engaging by singing repeat after me songs.


The afternoon consisted of Orienteering, Aeroball, Absailing, Climbing and Campfire. Last night, the group spent the evening in the great outdoors toasting the night away (with marshmallows of course!). Fun was had by all, to the point where both the staff and the children were crying in hysterics at the Camp Leaders. Unfortunately, we are unable to post the videos because of the size of the files (I promise you that it has nothing to do with our bad dancing). The Camp Leaders faced a crowed of puppy dog eyes when we were told that the session had finished and that was just the reaction of the teachers. The children requested a night in the woods even though they had been worn out by ‘get funky dance moves’ that the Camp Leaders had taught them. We ended the night by observing a herd of rabbits and the best sunset that I have ever seen.

Monday 26th June


The children were amazing getting up today. We have reached the point where Mrs Lloyd is unable to judge the tidiest rooms as there was not a spec of rubbish in any of them. Both the children and staff were ready way ahead of schedule... I know, I didn’t think Mrs Lloyd could be on time either! We are sad that the trip is ending. However, we have had a hearty and delicious breakfast and we are set for the last activities of the trip which are the Giant Zipline and Fencing. The estimated time of arrival to the school is 6.00pm. However, those of you whose children came last year will know that the journey doesn’t always run as expected. In the result of the journey taking longer than anticipated, the school will be informed. We will be returning your children to you in the same manner that you gave them to us… fed and watered with smiles on their faces. As the saying goes, we didn’t realise we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun!

Georgia B on the Giant Zipline

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Estimated time of arrival to the school

Unfortunately, we are running later than anticipated. Our suggestion is that you do not arrive to the school before 6.30pm,

Many Thanks.