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School Council and Eco Committee

Welcome to Pencaerau Primary's School Council and Eco-Committee 2016-2017 Page


The School Council and Eco-Committee representatives were nominated and voted for by their peers. The children have combined this year to support one another in their many duties and roles. We have had our very first School Council meeting where we discussed some of their roles and responsibilities.  


Keep checking on both the Eco-Committee and School Council page to see what they have been up to.


Here are our new members for 2016-2017.

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Pencaerau Primary School Eco Code


Pick up litter

Eat healthy snacks

Not in use? Switch it off!

Compost food waste

Always turn off the lights

Everyone can help

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Avoid using a car- walking is better

Use water wisely


World Awareness Week

Tuesday 11th July - Friday 14th July

We are very excited to be holding our first ever World Awareness Week!


Below are some details of what the children in each class will be getting up to this week. 


Nursery & Reception - Healthy Living

Year 1 - Natural Environment

Year 2 - Choices and Decisions 

Year 3 - Waste and Consumption

Year 4 - Wealth and Poverty

Year 5 - Climate Change

Year 6 - Identity and Culture 


Please join in with the homework tasks and come in to celebrate all the children's hard work this Friday at 2:30pm. All are welcome! 

Friday 10th March

Well done to all the eco-committee on successfully gaining the second Green Flag as a Welsh Eco School! 



The children had a visit from Tim today who works for 'Eco Schools'. They had to create and deliver a presentation to show all the projects the school have been working on in relation to saving energy, the outdoor environment, global citizenship, healthy living and transport. They did a fantastic job and Tim really enjoyed having a tour and looking at all the different habitats and wildlife we have at the school. Well done to everyone involved!

Thursday 2nd February

Thank you to the eco-committee who have met with Mrs Powell to create and carry out a survey to their peers about transport and travelling to school. The eco-committee will now be collating their findings and presenting them to Mrs Powell to create an action plan of how to reduce the traffic outside of the school at peak times. We look forward to hearing about your plans!


A big THANK YOU to you all from the School Council!


Thank you to everyone who helped collect shoe boxes and wrapping paper. The children from each class were involved in wrapping the boxes and sorting the items. The school council did a great job of delivering them all safely to the drop off point at the All Nations Church this week. Thank you again for supporting us in this great cause. 





Thursday 20th October

The eco-committee have been working hard this last fortnight in monitoring all the classrooms in our mission to 'Turn it Down for 10 Days!'. They have also been busy completing their other duties throughout the school and encouraging their friends to reduce, reuse and recycle their rubbish.


Monday 10th October - Friday 21st October

This fortnight we have been taking part in 'Turn it Down for 10 Days'. This is an energy saving event where the children and staff at Pencaerau will be trying our hardest to reduce our energy usage. We will have to monitor our electrical meter readings and will hopefully be able to reduce our energy! Look out for the eco-committee who will be monitoring classes very closely this fortnight. 

Thursday 6th October

The eco-committee need your help!

This year we are taking part in a fantastic event called 'Operation Christmas Child' which sends shoe boxes filled with gifts to children in developing countries such as Romania, Liberia and many more. We are asking for your kind donations of unwanted shoe boxes and left over Christmas wrapping paper. The school will be donating the items to fill the boxes with the children. Thank you!  

Thursday 22nd September


We had our first meeting today over lunch! The children had lots of questions about their new role and we discussed some of the duties they would be carrying out as Eco-Committee members. The children were set a homework challenge to try and gather ideas for our new whole school Eco-Code which we will be launching in the next few weeks.