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Autumn Term

Our new topic is called
Electric Rainbow


This project has a science focus and teaches the children
about light, colour and electricity. At the heart of the project
children will learn how to write poetry on a theme and
develop additional skills in note making and sentence writing
in order to remember and describe first hand experiences.
In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and
understanding by creating a range of light sources for the
King of Sparkle.
In this project the children will learn:

• How to create a simple circuit;
• About the history of electricity;
• Which light sources are appropriate for which purpose;
• Why light is important to us and other cultures;
• How to present information using a variety of methods;
• How to use light and colour to create patterns, effects
and express feelings;
• How to write simple poems on a theme.

Monday 15th December
We ended our term with a Foundation Phase Christmas party. We had party food in the hall and enjoyed playing games and dancing with our friends!

Mrs James and Mrs Romanelli would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and we will see you in the new year for a new term on Monday 6th January. Have lots of fun and a good rest ready to work hard next year! 

Monday 9th December

We have had a very busy week performing our Christmas concert 'The Magical Christmas Jigsaw'. Everyone who came to see the performance said how much they enjoyed it and we are very proud of all of the children for working hard and making it such a success!

We made our party crowns ready for our Christmas party which is on Wednesday next week. We are really looking forward to having some party fun with our friends! 

Monday 2nd December

We have been thinking about darkness this week and enjoyed reading 'Owl Babies'. We used puppets to retell the story and talked about other nocturnal animals. We wrote descriptions of owls and helped Miss Millward to make a lovely fluffy owl for our classroom display. 

We have also been very busy making our Rudolph Christmas cards. We had to be very careful using split pins to make moving antlers!



Monday 25th November
We made lighthouses this week. We worked together in groups to make and paint them and then made circuits to light them up. We really enjoyed doing this and are very pleased with them!



We read the story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' and we wrote what happened on each day of the week. The lighthouse keeper's wife had to think of lots of different ways to stop the seagulls eating her husband's lunch and we thought of some intersting ways too! We are trying hard to write on our own and to learn to spell the common words correctly.

Monday 18th November
We have been scientists this week! we had a letter from the lighthouse keeper asking us to find out how to make his light work. We found out how to make the bulb light up by making a circuit. Then we wrote letters to the lighthouse keeper to tell him how to fix his light - we hope it worked!

We have also been very busy making things to sell at the Christmas Fayre. We used socks and rice to make snowmen -  we think they are very cute, we hope you like them!



Monday 11th November
We started the week with our class assembly about happiness. Everyone spoke well and Mrs James and Mrs Romanelli were very proud of everyone. We think you made everyone feel happy on a Monday morning!
We have been learning about the Hindu festival of light this week which is called Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and acted it out using masks. We learnt about ways in which Diwali is celebrated and found out that they make patterns called Rangoli on their doorsteps. We have been busy making our own Rangoli patterns inside and outside the classroom!

Monday 4th November
What an exciting week! We had our Monster's Tea Party and Firework Night this week. We listened to the story of Guy Fawkes and learnt why we have fireworks. We wrote poems describing the sounds of fireworks and painted pictures using glitter for added sparkle!

We all enjoyed the Monster's Tea Party. We dressed in our scary costumes and danced to some scary music. Some of us looked quite frightening and Mrs James was glad when we took our masks off!

Half Term
Hope you all have a lovely holiday

Monday 21st October

Year 2 have had a very busy week preparing for our wedding. We made invitations, table decorations and place cards. We had a wonderful wedding! The bride looked beautiful and the groom was very smart too! We all wore our best clothes to be wedding guests and had a lovely time at the reception.
You can see all of the photos from the big day in the wedding album  
at the foot of the page.



Monday 14th October
This week we have been practicing using money. We used a 10p and 1p coins to make tens and units and we were able to make the amounts quickly. We have also used money to pay for healthy food in our Fruit and Vegetable shop.

We celebrated Harvest this week and we are very grateful for the kind donations received. Year 2 wrote Harvest poems using the letters of HARVEST to begin each line. There were some wonderful ideas and definitely some budding poets in Year 2!

We have been busy planning for our class wedding which is on Thursday 24th October. Please can the children bring their wedding guest/party clothes or bridesmaid dress in a bag on the day. We are all very excited! Look out for the wedding photos next week!
Monday 7th October
We have been talking about healthy eating and looking after our teeth this week. We cut out pictures and made plates showing a healthy meal. 
The dentist came to talk to us about tooth brushing and how to do it properly. Mums and Dads need to make sure we do it properly at home too!
Year 2 children are losing their baby teeth and the tooth fairy has had a busy week!
We have had some sunny days and we have enjoyed getting some exercise in our outdoor area. We used a 1 minute sand timer to see how many times we could come down the slide and we also timed ourselves skipping.
Monday 30th September
This week we have been learning about the importance of keeping healthy. We made a class book explaining how to keep healthy by eating the right food, having exercise, keeping clean and getting enough sleep!
We made a healthy fruit salad and enjoyed eating it with a little bit of  ice cream! It was delicious!
In our Maths lessons we have been learning how to make numbers using tens and units. We practised counting in tens and used cubes to make towers of ten and then added the units.

Monday 23rd September

We have read lots of traditional tales and fairy stories this week and they all have a happy ending - they lived happily ever after! We painted pictures of characters from the stories and wrote about our favourite tale.We watched Shrek and spotted the fairy tale characters in the film.
We carried out a survey in our class to find out what makes people feel happy. We found out that holidays and a sunny day were the  most popular.

Monday 16th September

This week we have been thinking about different celebrations during the year. We talked about Easter, Halloween and of course Christmas! We also thought about how happy we are when we celebrate our birthdays.
We found out that many celebrations take place in a church and we have enjoyed reading stories to find out about wedding traditions. Reverend Fisher and Puddles the cat are our new class friends!



Monday 9th September
We have been painting our self portraits this week. We looked at our faces in the mirror and mixed paint to match the colour of our skin. We chose materials to add detail to our hair and clothes. We think we are looking good!

Our topic for this half term is called Happiness!


The children will learn about the importance of happiness, health and well-being. They will be finding out about healthy eating and exercise and will be learning about different celebrations. At the end of the topic we will be having our own celebration and a party!