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Autumn Term 2012


Our topic this term is ‘Rock ‘n’ Rhyme’ where we will be learning lots of different nursery rhymes and songs and doing lots of different activities related to them. Find out what we have been up to each week by scrolling down the page!
Monday 17th December - Friday 21st December
This week we have been very busy making our Christmas cards and calendars. We have also had our Christmas party which was lots of fun - we ate lots and played lots of party games. Photographs of our Christmas concert have arrived and a few can be seen below! We hope you have a lovely holiday and that Father Christmas visits you all!
‘Christmas with the Aliens’
Here are a selection of photographs taken during our Christmas Concert. Check out the folder 'Christmas Concert 2012 - Christmas with the Aliens' for more photographs of our little superstars!
Monday 10th December – Friday 14th December
This week is CHRISTMAS CONCERT WEEK! Mrs Rowles and Mrs Stebbings are very proud of Recpetion for taking part in 'Christmas with the Aliens.' We all sang beautifully and worked very hard to remember our lines!
'Christmas with the Aliens'
Monday 10th December – DRESS REHERSAL
10.00am performance and 1.45pm performance.
 Tuesday 11th December
1.45 performance
 Wednesday 12th December
10.00am performance
Monday 3rd December – Friday 7th December
This week we have working very hard and practising our Christmas Concert. A big thank you to all the parents for helping your child to learn their lines. 
Monday 26th November - Friday 30th November
This week we have been focussing on our numbers and Mrs Rowles and Mrs Stebbings have been looking to see if we can count, recognise and write our numbers to 10. Some of us even tried to 20! We were also very busy making star biscuits and decorating pine cones for our stall in the school Christmas Fayre on Thursday 29th November. Father Christmas also popped along to visit us and brought us chocolate bars! Our school Christmas Fayre was a great success and we would like to thank all of you who came and supported the event!

Monday 19th November - Friday 23rd November
Techniquest came to school this week and we had a show called 'Saving Seasons.' We learned all about the different seasons and how our environment changes. After this we went on a nature walk to look for all the lovely things that had fallen from the trees. We used these things to make some super nature collages. We have kept the items we found to do some leaf printing next week. We have also been practising our sounds and numbers this week and enjoyed playing our new number bingo.

Remember it’s our Christmas Fayre next week, Thursday 29th November, so we will look forward to seeing you there!

Monday 12th November - Friday 16th November
Children in Need was our focus this week. We learned the sound ‘p’ for Pudsey and drew a picture of Pudsey in our work books. The action we learned for ‘p’ was to pretend to puff out candles and say p, p, p. We made Pudsey masks and had to guess who was hiding underneath them! We also made Pudsey models in the playdough and on Children in Need day we all came to school with wacky hair, wigs and hats even the teachers! We had a parade in the hall and looked at all the other children in the school. We raised lots of money to help other children.
Monday 5th November - Friday 9th November
This week we had our Monster’s Tea Party so we were busy preparing for that. We made blood sandwiches (jam sandwiches) and worm cakes (chocolate crispy cakes with red laces). We had black playdough and lots of spooky playdough mats to look at and played Monster’s Bingo. We also did some pumpkin counting and practised writing our numbers. 
  * * * HALF TERM * * *
Monday 29th October - Friday 2nd November
Monday 22nd October - Friday 26th October
We have been recapping on the sounds we have learned so far and continued practising our names, some of the children have even been practising their surnames too! We have been singing ‘Ten in the bed’ and acting this out to help us learn our numbers. We also painted teddies and ordered lots of teddies from largest to smallest.

Monday 15th October - Friday 19th October 
Our sounds for this week were ‘t’ and ‘i’. The actions we have learned are – for ‘t’ we turn our head from side to side as if we were watching tennis and say t, t, t, t, and for ‘i’ we pretend to be a mouse by wiggling our fingers at the end of our nose and squeak  i, i, i, i. Our work on number has continued and we have been singing ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’. Our toy mouse kept saying the wrong words in the rhyme so we had to help him. Inky Mouse helped us to do our work - we had to sort pictures that began with 't' and 'i' and put them into the right sound hoop.

Monday 8th October - Friday 12th October
This week we have been learning the sounds ‘s’ and ‘a’. We have been writing these in the sand and shaving foam and going on hunts looking for things that begin with ‘s’ and ‘a’. We have learned actions for these sounds to help us remember them – for ‘s’ we weave our hand like a snake and say ‘ssssss’ and for ‘a’ we wiggle our fingers above our elbow as if ants were crawling on us saying ‘a a a a’. We carried on practising our name writing and been continuing our work on number. We are even practising counting in Welsh! Our song and rhyme this week was ‘Incey Wincey Spider’. We made spiders which had googly eyes and eight legs and looked outside to see if we could find any spiders. 

Monday 1st October - Friday 5th October
This week we have been singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but Mrs Rowles and Mrs Stebbings kept getting the words wrong and the children had to help them with their mistakes. We also made our own little stars using lots of different collage materials and had yellow playdough and star shaped cutters. We have also been very busy learning how to write our names.

Monday 24th September - Friday 28th September
The children have been exploring the areas of the Early Years Unit this week and seeing what activities are available for them. They have also been getting to the know the teachers and teaching assistants. We are also lucky to have some students working with us on different days of the week – these are Chelsea, Chloe, Kayleigh and Rachel. The children started their new work books and drew a picture of themselves. We have been learning the parts of the body and singing ‘Head Shoulders Knees and Toes’ in English and Welsh!

Monday 17th September - Friday 21st September
This week we welcomed the new Reception class to Early Years where we were very lucky to have some new faces. We have been settling the new children into their new surroundings and routines and getting them used to being in school all day. We are very proud of how our big boys and girls have settled into Reception.  
Welcome Back!
Welcome back to the new school year. We are very excited as during the summer holidays there were lots of changes to Pencaerau. Our new Early Years Unit was finished and we had lots of new play equipment fitted. We hope the children are going to enjoy our newly refurbished school.