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Autumn Term (Family Album)

This term’s project is titled ‘Family Album’ and has a history focus and teaches children about the chronology of their own lives including their families. At the heart of this project children write simple narrative stories about their own families and develop additional skills in writing simple and sequenced sentences. In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by creating a special book about their own lives using pictures, writing and ICT. In this project the children will learn:


  • About the chronology of their own lives and the lives of their families;
  • How families are different;
  • How to use first and second hand sources to find out information about their own lives and families;
  • How humans needs and bodies change over time;
  • About the differences and similarities between life for a child now and in the past;
  • How to present information using a variety of media.

Scroll down to see how we got on.




Friday 25th October

This week has seen year 1 doing lots of Maths. Some of us have been counting on one and others have been adding on single digit numbers. We have been colouring by numbers and have been practicing our number bonds to 6.

Mrs Williams worked in small groups this week to come up with a poem for all of us to put into our Family Albums. The children came up with rhyming couplets and organised the poem into verses. Once the poem was created, we used Microsoft Word to change the font, size and colour of the text. The finished poems can be seen in the folder below (Our IT work) and in your child’s individual Family Album, which will be given to you parents as a gift after Half Term.

We have also done lots of reading practice and participated in Guided Group Reading. We have also learned all about the vowels and how they appear in most of the words. Ask your child to sing you the vowel song!

To finish off the week, and term, year 1 went upstairs to the Art room and watched Mr Tedaldi’s favourite childhood film ‘Dumbo’ on the big screen! This is the end of our 'Family Album' project, which we have enjoyed working on. Next term will see us working on another project called 'Pop-Up', where hopefully we will have as much fun and learn many new things.


Awarded to Jamie M. for his brilliant independent Maths skills and for reading well all week.

Friday 18th October
Year 1 have been very busy this week, and we’ve had lots of fun. The children have been measuring themselves. They have measured their feet using a ruler and have been measuring their height. Some children used a height chart and some drew outlines of themselves with chalk and counted how many pens fit the length of their body. They also ordered themselves into size order. “Mae Olivia ydy’r dalaf”
We have also been filling in more of our family albums which are almost full. We have been describing what is in our photos and we even went to the IT suite again to write them up on computers. Our computer skills are coming on, as most of us remember how to save and print our work by ourselves.

We have also been busy making a special display for our wall. We have been decorating our hand prints with various paints and embellishments. These will be completed very soon and photographs will be put up in due course. They look great at this stage, if I do say so myself.

Some of us have done lots of reading practice. We have been adding on one in Maths and have been learning the words to our class song. (The tune is stuck in my head and I’m sure will be stuck in yours too).

Awarded for brilliant Guided Group Reading and for writing well about his family

Friday 11th October
The song that we have been learning this week is the Days of the week song. The following link will take you to the song, and I’m sure your child will teach you it.



We had a visit from a dentist and she talked to us about the importance of having clean teeth. We learned how to brush our teeth properly, and she gave each of us a toothbrush, so that we can brush every day after lunch.
On the Family theme, we have had a special visitor come to our class (And I'm not talking about a cat!). Mrs Bolton gave a talk to us about what life was like as a child in the 1930s. She told us great stories, told us her favourite poem and sang a song which she saw in the picture show when she was young. The children were very surprised when they found out what wireless meant decades ago. The children all asked very sensible questions and were amazed to find out about food rationing and no televisions.
The children also learnt about the human life cycle and understand that we get more and more independent as we get older. They also learned more about the 5 senses and described what they liked to smell, taste, touch, hear and see. Most of us like the smell of petrol stations and like to touch soft things like teddy bears and pets. Finally we also came up with our very own Year 1 song. We came up with words that rhyme and put them into verses. The song will be a very big hit...Watch this space!

Awarded for asking very sensible questions and waiting to hear the answer.

Friday 4th October

This has been a nice week for year 1. We have been finishing off our family trees. It is amazing to see so many different types of family within our class. Some of us are only children and lots of us have got lots of siblings and step brothers and sisters. Some of us are really lucky to have such big and wonderful families. We have been writing basic sentences about the pictures of our families that we drew on the computer last week. It is very nice to see some of the children becoming more independent in their writing as the weeks are going.

Our family albums are coming on very nicely, and the parents should be really excited about getting to see them soon. This week we have been in the IT suite again, and have been designing a title to stick on the front covers of the albums.
This week we have also been sorting out toys. We have discussed toys that their parents and grandparents used to play with. We have also compared them with some toys that we play with today and have used some interesting adjectives such as "Shiny, Soft and Furry". The children loved talking about their favourite toys and the majority of us liked playing with Transformer toys...even Mr Tedaldi likes the Transformer toys!
We have also been working on our sounds this week and we have been focussing on the J and the V sounds. We all came up with very interesting words with these sounds in them. In maths we have been working with teen numbers and also learning to spell the number words from 1 - 10.

Awarded for brilliant work in the IT suite and for helping others.

Friday 27th September

This week has been filled with lots of reading practice and recognizing letter sounds and numbers. We have been chatting about what makes us special and talking about the qualities that we offer our family and our school. Some of us have special qualities such as sharing our toys with others; some of us help our parents to cook & clean and some of us like to help dress our younger brothers & sisters. These can be seen written up in our books. Some of our handwriting is looking really neat. Keep it up Year 1!

We have also been busy painting our 3D clay models which are now all finished and are on display in our classroom. They all look wonderful and they have all got distinguishable features such as eyes, hair and clothes. Some of us have also included the family dog which looks fantastic!
This week has been very busy with our family theme, as we have visited the ICT suite for the very first time and created family pictures using an Art Program. We have learned to print and save our work. We will write about our pictures next week. We have also created our very own personal timeline, which has seen us put our lives into a correct sequence. Finally some of us have managed to start making our own Family Tree. It is very interesting to see so many different families. This week has been a very busy one for Year 1 and they all deserve a very welcoming weekend!
Awarded for showing a genuine interest in learning and for showing fantastic listening skills all month.

Friday 20th September
We have had yet again a busy week. We have been learning stories about one another from when we were much younger. Some of which were really funny (Thank you parents for some lovely memories of your children). We have been learning a "months of the year" song and have created bar charts of months of the year that class-mates have birthdays in. It turns out that March is the most popular month for birthdays.
We have also been creating 3D models of our families using clay. Some of which are missing arms, but on the whole they look fabulous which we are looking forward to painting next week.
We have been doing work with letter sounds, where some of us were finding out words that begin with b, d, p and q and others of us were looking at bl words and thinking of words such as black, blanket and blood.
To finish off the week we were investigating the 5 senses of our bodies in particular "Hearing". We tried to distinguish between various sounds such as rustling paper, pouring water and musical instruments. We then went on a walk around the school grounds listening carefully for things around the school. We heard a fire engine, birds singing and we had a good laugh when we heard the dinner ladies singing along to the radio.
Awarded for a fantastic effort in finding words beginning with "bl"

Friday 13th September
This week we have been collecting data in order to go into our own Family albums. We came up with questions that we wanted to find out about ourselves and our families and asked our parents questions about them. We have begun to create our albums and have even designed our own photo frames and made our own self-portraits which are proudly displayed in the classroom.
We have also been writing sentence patterns such as 'I am, I have & My...' and have been practicing letter sounds and letter formation. We have been learning some nursery rhymes and we are also currently learning 'Lean on Me' originally by Bill Withers which is an assembly favourite. In P.E we have been learning various ways in which our bodies move and have had relay races with a twist.
In Maths we have been collecting data. We have been measuring our hands with rulers and comparing to see who has got the biggest and smallest hands. We have also worked out who are the oldest and youngest pupils in our class by ordering ourselves into which months our birthdays fall into. We have found out that there are four birthdays in September. Thank You for bringing in cakes...They were delicious!  
Awarded for her lovely 3D self portrait and for showing fantastic listening skills.