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Autumn Term (Pop-Up)

This term's project is titled 'Pop-Up' and it has a design technology focus and teaches children how to make cards and books using simple mechanisms and a range of different materials. At the heart of this project children will learn how to write and re-tell traditional fairy tales, and learn the additional skills of using verbs and pronouns in their own writing. In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by designing, making and writing pop up wedding invitations to Prince Charming and Cinderella’s wedding. In this project the children will learn:


  • How to describe and select appropriate materials for a task;
  • How to make joins, moving parts and mechanisms;
  • How to design a product which is appropriate for the user;
  • How to write a formal invitation;
  • How to re-tell and sequence a traditional fairy tale;
  • How to upload a digital photograph and use email.



Friday 20th December

To cap off a wonderful term of hard work and Christmas concert performances, we got into the festive spirit by holding our very own Foundation Phase Christmas Party. We each made and decorated crowns and wore our own clothes to celebrate Christmas. Check out the Foundation Phase Christmas Party folder below to see more photos.

In class this week we made 2014 calendars with our hand-prints on them. We also wrote in our Pop-Up cards which we gave to our loved ones. We hope you like them! We also went to the ICT suite to respond to Santa’s Email. We uploaded the photos of our cards and sent an Email back. Santa swiftly Emailed back thanking us for our hard work. He also sent us a box of chocolates and a film to watch. We really enjoyed watching ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol’.

On Friday we voted on which film we wanted to watch. The children were very diplomatic and they counted the results themselves. The results of the vote were:
Tangled                       5
The Lion King              6
Peter Pan                    3
Wreck-it-Ralph           15
We enjoyed the film very much and thought it was very funny.



In Maths we have been working a lot with coins. We have been learning how to recognise what some coins look like. We have been putting coins in order from smallest to largest. We found out that 1p is the smallest and £2 is the biggest. Some of us have been adding some different coins together and worked out that 20p and 20p and 10p is the same as a 50p. This week we have learned a Welsh song about the parts of our body. Ask your child to sing it to you, I’m sure you’ll be amazed!

Friday 13th December

The Foundation Phase Christmas Concert was a huge success. After 4 performances the children made the whole school extremely proud. Tears were shed and joy was spread! I would like to say thank you to all parents for showing your support throughout. The children will be rewarded next week with a well deserved Christmas party on Wednesday.



In class this week the children have continued to make their Christmas cards which will be photographed and Emailed to Santa next week. We have also started to make Christmas hats to wear for the party next week.


We have also been writing about the story we’ve been reading this week, which is “The Billy Goats Gruff”. The Writer of the Week this week is Jake Downey, which can be seen in the folder below. The children have also been acting out the story using puppets where they each had a turn being narrator and saying the dialogue for each of the characters. They have all performed their shows to the rest of the class, which has gone down very well. We have also begun to work with doubling numbers in Maths. We will continue with doubles next week.


Awarded for working hard in Maths all month and for a brilliant performance in the concert

Friday 6th December

This week Santa sent our class an Email asking us to make him Christmas cards that Pop-Up, which he can give to his family at this very special time of year. Here are some of Santa’s Little Helpers at work!

In language this week we have been learning the sound and the formation of the letters X, Y, Z and Qu. Some of us have also been blending letters such as cl and cr to make words such as clock, crayon, clap and cry. Some of us have been practicing the alphabet and have finally finished our alphabet jigsaw independently. A fantastic achievement!



This week we have also been learning some Welsh. We have been asking each other “Sut wyt ti?” and answering by saying “Dwi’n .......” Ask your child what this means! We have also entered an art competition in which the best picture could win a Christmas Ice-Cream cake (The children had to come up with a picture on the theme of “Christmas on the Farm”). We came up with lots of wonderful ideas. In Maths we have been continuing our subtractions and counting backwards. Each day this week has seen us in the hall practicing our Christmas play which promises to be a brilliant performance. Be sure to book your tickets!

Awarded for reading well all week, for getting all her takeaway questions correct and for speaking great Welsh.

Friday 29th November

This week has seen us busy finishing off making our craft items to sell at the Christmas fayre. We have still got some items left, so if you would still like to buy decorations to go on your tree or mantelpiece then they will be for sale again on Monday. To avoid disappointment make sure your child has a spare 50p or £1.00 with them.

Carrying on from our Pop-Up theme we have been making more Pop-up cards and we have been writing wedding invitations for Cinderella and Prince Charming’s wedding. We came up with fantastic locations for the wedding, such as a Royal Church, a marquee and Paris!

We have also done lots of writing this week, which is developing nicely. We have been writing the story of the Gingerbread Man this week, which we have had lots of fun talking about. Our writer of the week this week is Thanisha Patel. Her work can be seen in the “Writers of the Week” file below.

In maths we have been subtracting (Taking away) numbers by counting backwards. Some of us are subtracting from two digit numbers and some of us are taking away one from teen numbers. We have also been practicing our Christmas concert songs. We would be really grateful if you could spend some time helping your child to learn their lines for the concert (If they have any of course!) 

Friday 22nd November

Firstly, I would like to say how extremely proud of all of the children for an excellent performance in the class assembly. We have been working hard on it all week and I hope you agree that it paid off. There are lots of photos of our performance in the Assembly file below.

This week we have been getting ready for the Christmas fayre which is next Thursday, by making things to sell for our stall. Do not buy your Christmas decorations yet until you have checked out our stall. We have made and painted Christmas decorations to hang on your trees and we have also made some Christmas tree ornaments made from string which look stunning!
We have done reading, comprehension and spelling  tests, and continued producing work using 2D shapes. We have managed to add to our shape display by creating animals using 2D shapes. What animals can you see? (Pa anifeiliad wyt ti’n gweld?).
We have also been doing work based on the Three Little Pigs. We have sequenced the story; painted pictures by “Huffing and Puffing” paint through straws; played a Three Little Pigs game for P.E in the hall and performed the story by dressing up and using character masks. We have also been preparing ourselves for the Christmas play by rehearsing songs and allocating roles. Prepare for a musical extravaganza!

Awarded for a brilliant performance in the class assembly

Friday 15th November

The children this week have been reading and listening to the Three Little Pigs. They have all had a go at re-creating their own version of the story back to the class using puppets. Some children are natural born performers!

We have finished our shape collages, which are proudly on display in the school’s shared area. On the theme of shapes we have been using Tangram puzzles to create our own animal pictures. Some of these look outstanding and will soon be put up on display in our class. Here you can see that we have drawn around some 2D shapes to create shape people.

We have been doing Guided Group Reading sessions and some of the groups built their own robots by writing down the specific body parts of the robots. We have also had reading tests to determine our reading ages and we have been practicing our class assembly and Christmas concert songs too.


Awarded for incredible reading and for a brilliant 3 Little Pigs role-play

Friday 8th November

The children have begun the new topic this term by familiarising themselves with the story of Cinderella. We have read 3 different versions of Cinderella. The children have been making use of our new Role-Play area by dressing up as characters from the story and using puppets to re-tell their own versions of the story, giving some hilarious results!

As our topic is Pop-Up, we are learning all about the mechanisms behind pop-up books and we even created our own pop-up pieces. I’m sure the children remember how to make them and will teach you parents how to make them. We will be making lots of different mechanisms over the following weeks, building up to our main goal of making a pop-up invitation to the wedding of Cinderella and Prince Charming.



This week, we have also been working with 2D shapes. We have learned the names and properties of lots of different shapes. We have created pictures using just 2D shapes. Some of us have created animals, houses and people. We are also currently creating a collage of 2D shapes which will be displayed on our wall upon completion.

Awarded for constantly producing work to a high standard and for reading brilliantly.