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Autumn Term (Travel Agents)

Friday 19th December 

This fortnight the children have been getting into the festive period. We have been practicing our part for the Christmas concert, which went down well in all performances. We have all learned new circus tricks which the children all enjoyed doing.
We have been continuing our travel Agents theme by writing holiday adverts to Lapland. Our writing skills are improving and we are using very interesting vocabulary.
We have been continuing our Phonics sessions and learning new sounds each week. In Maths we have been looking into the properties of 2D shapes.
We topped our week off by having a Christmas party.

Friday 28th November 

Continuing on from our persuasive writing we have been coming up with our own adverts for our favourite toys. We have used Bossy Verbs, Positive words, Special Prices, Pictures and Rhetorical Questions. As part of our topic "Travel Agents" we have also been looking at Maps and following instructions to navigate a map accurately.

In Maths we have been counting on to the next 10, 100 & 1000 which is helping us with our takeaway skills. In R.E we have read the story of the Unforgiving Servant and discussed how difficult it is to forgive one another and why it is important to show forgiveness instead of revenge.

Last week we performed our class assembly, which we hope you all enjoyed. We'd like to thank all you parents for showing your support and coming to watch.

The Christmas Fayre was an enjoyable event to all who attended and Year 4 were busy this week making Christmas Tree decorations and Marshmallow Snowmen. We appreciate all donations received which contributed to a very successful Christmas Fayre.

Friday 14th November

This fortnight we have been practicing our power of persuasion. Our goal is to eventually write our own holiday brochures, so we looked at some adverts to see what was common in them all. We found out that words like amazing, stunning, spectacular, exciting & mouth-watering were great words for us to use. We went to the IT suite to find some information on Cardiff and we created our own brochure to persuade people to come to Cardiff. We wrote about the museum, Winter Wonderland, Cosmeston lake, Cardiff Bay and man other landmarks. All the children have been enjoying writing about our beautiful city.
We have also been using our powers of persuasion to come up with TV adverts to stop people from smoking. We worked in groups and planned our adverts and scripts and slogans and we acted it out using the ipads. There are definitely some children destined to work on TV from our class.

We have also been using alliteration to great effect which will help us with our future advert writing. One alliterated sentence which sticks in my mind is A Hefty Hippo called Henry, who is Huge and Hard to Handle.
In Welsh we have been role-playing as Doctors and patients and asking one another "Beth Sy'n Bod?" and "Oes Pen dost gyda ti?" Ask your child if they remember what these mean and how they can answer them. Here are pictures of some of us learning a dance to go with our Welsh parts of the body.
Today we celebrated Children in Need by wearing pyjamas to school. We raised over £245.