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This project has a history focus and teaches children about aspects of the middle ages of Welsh history between 1063 and 1283, a period that is generally known as Medieval Times. In this project the children will learn about significant aspects of Welsh history. The project will explore  lifestyles, homes and castles and their role in society. At the heart of this project children read, write and re-tell myths and legends and create their own stories in the same style. In this project the children will learn:


• About the period 1063 to 1283 including the lives of the rich and poor;
• How to use a range of historical source materials to find out information about the past;
• How to order things chronologically;
• About significant Welsh figures that shaped this period of history;
• About the castles of Wales, their building, function and importance in the past and present times;
• About the features of myths and legends and how to write one of their own.

Monday 30th January – Friday 10th February

The last few weeks in Year 3, the children have been finding information about castles by reading castle books and creating quizzes for each other to answer. They made their own True or False questions, multiple choice questions and sequencing questions. This helped them to understand what they read a little better than just reading the books. This was quite fun as many of the children were trying to catch each other out. As part of our topic we have been looking into stories of people suffering with the plague during medieval times. The plague was a scary time in our history but we coped with it very well by role-playing characters and writing letters to people asking to send help to our town. The quality of some of our writing is improving as the year is progressing as well as our handwriting.


In maths, we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. We have been refreshing our minds on how to subtract using the frog method (counting on). Most of the class has mastered the method which certainly helps when doing mental subtractions. (To see the method, check out some of the homework videos in the homework section below).


In ICT, we have been making Internet Safety posters. We made drafts on paper in class and now we are creating them using Publisher. Most of us can now insert word art, clipart and text boxes, change font, backgrounds, colours and most of us can save our work without any help. The highlight of the week was when we used our catapults to investigate whether the height of the catapult affected the distance it went. If you’re wondering…it didn’t! We decided that the main factor was how far you pulled it back and how tight the elastic band was wrapped around it. We did have fun though. Click here to see more photos and videos.



In welsh, we have been looking at rooms in the house and what we can do in the rooms such as:

Dwi’n cael bath yn y’r ystafell ymolchi

Dwi’n gwylio’r teledu yn y’r lolfa

Dwi’n cysgu yn y’r ystafell gwely



Monday 16th January – Friday 27th January

This past fortnight, Year 3 have been really interested in looking at early Medieval castles such as Motte and Bailey castles. We have been researching how they were built, why they were built and the strengths and weaknesses of them. We learnt lots of different castle vocabulary; we have discussed the best ways to build our own, and today we put our words into practice by starting to construct our own. We got a little messy!



In maths, we have been doing lots of work on fractions and putting them into context by using Vienetta, sweets and pizza. Fractions are tricky to learn and we are persevering and are getting better at finding fractions of amounts, such as half price and a third off price tags. We’ve also been measuring perimeter of different shapes around the classroom. We estimated and measured the perimeter of the classroom and are beginning to use perimeter in terms of castles as we are starting to measure perimeter of the Motte and Bailey castles and rooms within the castle.


We’ve been writing stories in language including stories on caves and castles. We have also written stories with our latest phonics sounds of long and short oo sounds too. We’ve written ‘Thank You’ letters to Mr Jones who visited us from Braces last week and today we had a real treat. A theatre company came to us performing ‘The Ghastly Gravy on the Starship Gastromo’. We learnt all about food hygiene and we were told about the 4 C’s. Ask your child to see if they remember them. The children of Year 3 had a great day as did all the teachers!



In ICT we have been learning all about staying safe on the internet. We’ve watched safety videos and played quizzes to help us stay safe when online.


Welsh Phrase of the week

Ble wyt tin byw?

Dwi’n byw yn Washington mewn Ty Gwyn gyda Donald Trump. (Answer courtesy of Keano)



Wednesday 4th January – Friday 13th January

We hope you all had a great Christmas break and are refreshed ready for a new term. We may need another break after the really busy and exciting couple of weeks we’ve just had. We began by writing new year’s resolutions and discussing all the fun stuff we got up to over Christmas. I am really jealous of what some of year 3 got up to! We have been planning an investigation this week relating to the plants we have in our classroom. We have been wondering what the plants like to drink and which liquid will make the plants grow best. We are going to be feeding the plants tea, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, water, squash and fruit juice. We look forward to seeing which plants grow the best.


Please note that our P.E. days have changed this term to Tuesdays and Fridays. In P.E. we have been doing performances of all the floorwork skills we have learned all year. We included Frog Hops, Bunny Hops, Fox Walks and many others too. The skills that they are learning are strengthening their bodies ready for more elaborate gymnastics over the coming months. Another enjoyable activity we’ve been doing this week is I.T. In I.T. we have been learning about what the internet is, how safe it is, and what you can do on it. We created secure passwords which are memorable and uncrackable (Click HERE to see how safe you can make a password) and we have started writing blogs and messages using J2Bloggy on the hwb.


In English, Topic and Maths we have been writing with verbs & nouns; writing in the past tense; using connectives to make compound sentences; learning all about Gwenllian the Brave and writing our own version of the story; using castle vocabulary in our writing; answering questions about Jack and the Beanstalk; adding 2 & 3 digit numbers by partitioning (See homework below) and doing work with the 4 and 8 x tables.


To cap off the week we were joined today by a member of staff from Brace’s bread factory who taught us all about how bread is made, about the company, healthy eating, the factory and making deliveries. Amy and Lucas (click HERE for photos and a video) were lucky enough to help him make bread which we took out of the oven after lunch and ate on the way home.



In welsh, we have been chatting about where we live, in what types of houses and with who. We’ve played lots of games and have learned a lot of vocabulary.


Ble wyt ti’n byw?

Dwi’n byw yn Caerdydd mewn ty semi.