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Children of the Revolution (June -July 2016)

Our Year in Pictures


June 27th – July 8th

What a busy few weeks we have had. Our Victorian topic is in full swing and we have been comparing Victorian clothing with modern clothing and writing about them in our topic books. We have also compared our lives to that of the Victorian era in terms of health and hygiene. We learned that Florence Nightingale played a very important part in British history and that Louis Pasteur was a significant figure in the development of modern medicine. Also as part of our topic we researched Crime and Punishment of the Victorian era and discovered bizarre punishments for even more bizarre crimes such as sending people to Australia for stealing Turnips. Recently we also watched ‘Oliver!’ to bring our topic more to life.


We have also been working on things for the time-capsule. We have completed our leaflets to go in, which is full of details about our lives, news and our favourite things. Hopefully our future selves won’t find our current lives too bizarre. Some of us were filmed making predictions for the future, which will also go into the time-capsule. Some of our predictions included: Dream recorders, flying cities, cures for cancer, self-driving cars and virtual reality computer games. There were loads of other great ideas too, and it is wonderful to see such creative imagination in year 4.


We recently had our Visit to Margam Park and we also had Sports Day which were two brilliant days in the school diary. Please check the Gallery by clicking HERE to see some of the great pictures of the days.


June 13th – June 24th

The last couple of weeks have been busy for Year 4 as we have been doing lots of work. The Victorians topic has come to life through the book ‘The Street Child’. In the story Jim had a dilemma of whether to escape the workhouse or not. The children then had to persuade the rest of the class to join their side of the debate. They used lots of persuasive language and even managed to convince me to escape from the workhouse too! They learnt of the terrible conditions in the workhouse which was the biggest factor in the debate. We also got our hands really dirty this week with charcoal drawings of a coal boat that Jim works on in the book. 


We have learnt about important events that occurred during the reign of Queen Victoria and put them into timelines. In Pencaerau we are soon to bury our own Time-Capsule and we have been creating work to go in. Our theme is music and we have been sharing our favourite songs and singers and even having dance sessions too! We are in the process of making leaflets about our life and a music collage of our favourite singers and groups.


In maths we have been comparing and ordering decimal numbers in terms of lengths. Some of us were measuring arms, fingers, legs, spines etc. and writing them in order from shortest to longest. Speaking of lengths we also drew our science investigation to an end when some of our flowers in the dark died. We discovered that the flower in the dark with water grew the quickest but soon died when it realised it couldn’t find any light. Throughout the week we also practiced all the sports day events to decide who will do each event. I hope to see lots of support on our sports day on Tuesday 28th.


May 30th – June 10th

In this last fortnight we started our new topic on the Victorian period. We have learned about the jobs that some poor Victorians did such as chimney sweeping, working in mills, factories and mines and street selling. All of which bringing dangers which we found very interesting. We also started reading our class novel ‘The Street Child’ which is bringing our topic to life particularly as we have been getting into character by dressing up in Victorian clothing.





In maths we have been measuring area and perimeter of various rectangular shapes by multiplying, adding and checking our answers by counting squares. We have also been refreshing our 2D shape terminology by describing quadrilaterals such as rhombus, kite, parallelogram, trapezium and also different types of triangle such as isosceles, scalene and equilateral. Also in Welsh this week we have been speaking in past tense and describing the weather.


We have also started a science investigation to see sunflowers being grown in different conditions. As they begin to grow we will measure them to see under what conditions sunflowers grow the best. We have also potted sunflowers which will be available to buy at the Summer Fayre next Tuesday. For the Summer Fayre we have also been making Friendship Bracelets which we have had a lot of fun making. We hope to see many of you there to show your support for our school!