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Curriculum Policy Statement
Curriculum Information
The National Curriculum was introduced in the Autumn of 1989. It has undergone several changes over the years, the most recent being the "Curriculum 2008." The curriculum sets out the most important knowledge and skills that every child has a right to learn. It is a framework given to teachers by the Welsh Assembly Government, so that all school children are taught in a way that is balanced and manageable, but hard enough to challenge them. It provides standards that measure how well children are doing in each subject so teachers can plan to help them to do better.
Pencaerau Primary’s curriculum is based upon the National Curriculum and clearly articulated values. The National Curriculum consists of 10 subjects plus RE and Welsh, which all children must study during their time at school:
Information Technology
Physical Education
Design and Technology
Foundation Phase
At Pencaerau children follow a broad and balanced curriculum in line with the Foundation Phase Framework. This framework encourages learning through first-hand experiences and through play, children develop understanding of themselves and the world in which they live.
We provide fun and stimulating activities, both indoors and outdoors which promotes natural curiosity and lead to the development of each child at their own pace.
The foundation Phase Framework is divided into seven areas of learning:
Personal and Social; Wellbeing and Cultural diversity; Language, Literacy and Communication Skills; Mathematical Development; Welsh Language Development; Knowledge and Understanding of the World; Physical Development and Creative Development.
The curriculum also provides for the social development of our pupils by encouraging them to care for and respect other people. We aim to help children to acquire good manners and consideration for others, also to value their own property and that of others.
It is our aim to instil in all children in our care a sense of confidence in what they have learnt.
·         High expectations of all learners
·         A recognition of the value of the home and community in children’s education
·         An entitlement of all learners to equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum
·         An understanding of learning as an active and lifelong process
·         The commitment to prepare learners for membership of a linguistically and culturally diverse society
·         The undertaking to prepare learners for participation in the community, the world of work and the democratic process