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Dragon Tales - Spring Term 2014

This term our topic is called Dragon Tales!

6th - 10th January
We started our Dragon Tale topic by looking inside a treasure chest that we found in the outdoor area. It was full of lots of treasures like beads, swords, books, shiny shoes and it even had gold coins in that we got to eat! They were delicious!
13th - 17th January
This week we found some dragon footprints in our water tray. They were big, colouring and made of ice. We watched how they melted whilst they were in the water tray. We also watched how the colour spread out into the rest of the water.
20th – 24th January
We looked at seats that kings, queens, princes and princesses sit on. We learnt that they are called ‘Thrones’. We made our own thrones using big building bricks and then we tested them to see if we could sit on them without them falling apart!
27- 31st January
We had a visit from ‘Zoolab’ this week. They brought lots of different creatures in for us to look at, touch and learn about. We saw frogs, snakes, spiders and cockroaches. We then drew some pictures of our favourite creature that we saw.
3rd February – 7th February
This week we used lots of shiny paper and glittery pieces to make our own crowns and tiaras. They look fantastic so Miss Woolley put them on a big display for us to look at.
10th – 14th February
We looked at armour this week. We looked at what knights wear and the different colour schemes and coats of arms on their armour. We then made our own shield creating our own coat of arms using our hand and footprint. Don’t they look great!
17th – 20th February
We ended our topic this week so we had a big banquet to celebrate and we came to school dressed as queens, kings, princes, princesses, knights and dragons.