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    This project has a history focus and teaches children about the significance of the Romans, who they were, where they came from and their impact on the Celt population of Wales and Britain. At the heart of this project the children learn how to write narrative stories with an historical setting and develop additional skills in persuasion and letter writing. In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by creating a Roman God for Jupiter’s council - designing and making a suitable gift for him.


    In this project the children will learn:

    • About the historical events associated with the Roman invasion of Britain and Wales and their settlement in these places;
    • About the culture, religion, buildings and way of life in Roman Britain, and how the settlement affected the Celtic people;
    • How to use a range of sources to gain information about the Celts and Romans;
    • How to present information and make a persuasive case;
    • How to write narrative stories set in an historical context


    Monday 5th December – Friday 16th December

    After a super busy last couple of weeks, it’s safe to say we all deserve a peaceful and a relaxing Christmas break. We have performed in the Christmas concert and worked really hard in learning our lines and dance. In class, we have been practising our spellings by consolidating all our phonics sounds. We are improving at sounding out our letter sounds and blending them carefully. We have used this to help with our diary writing. We have written Roman diary entries from the perspective of a Roman living in AD 50. The vocabulary used by the class was impressive. The children also got the opportunity to read their peers work by assessing their work and saying things they like about it and ways they can improve.


    In other areas, we have been learning to read questions carefully especially in maths where we had to decide if the word problems were asking to add or subtract. In I.T. we have been reading facts about various mini-beasts and inserted them into databases. The class have pretty much mastered how to create and use databases to answer queries. In P.E., we have been carrying on performing gymnastics routines to one-another where they had to use body shapes and movements that they have learned and mastered. And finally, in Welsh we have been recapping on phrases that we learned and using them in poems.


    Dw i’n hoffi’r haul a’r tywydd braf

    A mynd i lan y môr bob haf,

    Cael nofio yn y môr mawr glas,

    Gwneud castell tywod, rhedeg ras.

    Dw i’n hoffi cerdded yn y coed

    A’r dail yn crensian dan fy nhroed,

    Cael picnic gyda Dad a Mam

    A chwarae cuddio gyda Sam.


    We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope to see you all back in school on the 4th January fully rested and ready for a new school term. Click HERE to see our class Christmas party pics.




    Monday 21st November – Friday 2nd December

    The past fortnight has been spent mainly preparing for the Christmas Concert and Christmas Fayre. We have been learning our lines, a couple of songs and dance. We have also been making friendship bracelets to be sold at the Christmas Fayre.


    In maths, we have been using number lines to subtract by counting up and using them to round up and down to the nearest 10 and 100. We’ve also been getting familiar with multiplication tables and suing them to help us to divide numbers evenly. Many of us have been checking our answers by sharing counters and cubes.


    In language, we have been learning new phonics sounds such as ‘igh’ & ‘oa’ and using them in games, sentences and stories. We’ve even had fun creating our own words using the sounds which had the class in fits of laughter. In I.C.T. we have been using our databases we created a couple of weeks ago. We sorted and searched the databases and created queries to solve. These can be accessed at home using our own hwb passwords.


    Our Welsh phrase

    Beth wyt ti’n hoffi?                                         What do you like?

    Dw’in hoffi_________.                                   I like __________.

    We’ve been learning many verbs as well such as:

    Nofio, coginio, ymlacio, bwyta, chwarae, dawnsio, dringo, cerdded, rhedeg, ymolchi.

    Ask your child if they remember what these mean!



    Monday 7th November – Friday 18th November

    This fortnight has been full of line learning and singing in preparation for our class assembly this morning, which went down well. The children should be as proud of themselves as I am of them. They did so well and we rewarded ourselves by having a little party in class with music and hot chocolate and biscuits. They truly deserved it! Click HERE to see our assembly pictures.


    In the classroom, we have been adding and subtracting with money and making different totals. We have been learning our bonds and facts to 100 i.e. 65 + 35 = 100. And we have also been improving our skills with a ruler. Our lines are getting a lot straighter and most of us can measure accurately using cm. Lots of us can use mm too. We also used our thinking skills to see which animals can leave certain size footprints. (i.e. Can a duck have a footprint of 25cm? Can an elephant have a size 7cm footprint?) Homework this week is to practice using a ruler by measuring items around the house.


    In language, we have been reading and writing about Boudicca and why she was so great. We have been writing about why mosaics are so special in ancient Rome and how they were made etc. We also learned a new sound in phonics, which is the ‘or’ sound. We found lots of words such as fork, sport and short and used them in games and sentences. We also found other sounds that make the ‘or’ sound such as ‘au’, ‘al’ and ‘aw’ and many more.


    Our welsh patterns this week are extensions of last week’s gallu phrases:

    Beth mae _____________ yn gallu gwneud?                        What can (name) do?

    Mae ____________ yn gallu chwarae rygbi.                         (name) can play rugby.

    Ydy Sam yn gallu siarad cymraeg?                                          Can Sam speak welsh?

    Nag ydy, dydy Sam dim yn gallu siarad cymraeg.                     No Sam can’t speak welsh.



    Monday 17th October – Friday 4th November

    The past few weeks have been very exiting in year 3. On the last day before half term we managed to have our Roman battle against the Celts. All of us dressed up and we got into character and had a fantastic day. Most of the children ended up dying apart from Boudicca, a couple of Celts and a handful of Roman soldiers. We used the shields and swords that we made in class and some of the children filmed it using the ipads. The video will be shown in our class assembly in a few weeks. The children have been given their lines for the assembly. They can also be found HERE too.




    We needed a nice half term break after that battle! When we returned, we performed our Curiosity sketch at the opening of the school’s ‘Garden of Reflection’. The event was lovely and everybody that attended really enjoyed themselves. Thank You again to all that showed their support. Photos of the garden opening ceremony can be seen HERE.


    In class, we have been doubling and halving numbers and recognising all the different coins that we have and making different totals with them. We have been making mosaics, just like what the Romans did. Most of us tried putting in symmetrical patterns which look really nice indeed. Year 3 have also been making databases using the hwb; turning present tense verbs into past tense such as walk = walked and swim = swam, and speaking lots of Welsh.


    Our Welsh phrases

    Beth wyt ti’n gallu wneud?                    What are you able to do?

    Dw i’n gallu neidio.                                 I can jump.

    Dw i ddim yn gallu sgipio.                       I can't skip.


    Wyt ti'n gallu nofio?                             Can you swim?

    Ydw, dwi'n gallu nofio.                           Yes, I can swim.

    Nag ydwy, dw i ddim yn gallu nofio.        No, I can't swim.





    Monday 3rd October – Friday 14th October

    The fortnight began with maths that involved looking at number lines and trying to find out which number goes where on it. It was made difficult as the steps were hidden. We learnt to count in steps of 10 and estimate where numbers belong. Not only could we do that but we also rounded numbers up and down to the nearest 10. i.e. 28 will round up to 30.


    Our Roman topic is in full swing as we have been looking at the different clothes Roman wore. Some of us even tried on tunics, shawls and a toga. We learnt what Roman soldiers wore and found out lots of interesting things about them too. This week we even began painting our shields, so we should have them ready next week, which will hopefully make an appearance in our class assembly which will take place in November. For the assembly we have begun learning a song and we will be learning a couple more too. Click on the video above to practice one of the songs.


    We have also been learning new sounds including the ‘or’ and ‘ar’ sound which appear in words such as cork and shark. We played bingo with these sounds and we also wrote many sentences with them. We have all been learning to use full stops and capital letters accurately too and many of our sentences included them in the correct places.


    This week Mr Tedaldi got the ipads out and we went on ‘The hwb’. (Click here for link). The children were all given passwords and can access their account anytime (even at home). He gave them a job to do, which was to create a database of children from the class and this is what some children came up with.




    We also performed our dress rehearsal for our opening of the ‘Values Garden’ which will occur after half term. The children did well but we will be practising again next week so that our voices can be heard better and that we speak at the correct times. We hope to see you all there for the event, which promises to be a special morning at our school!


    Our Welsh Phrases

    Beth wyt ti’n gallu gwneud?

    Wyt ti’n gallu _______?




    Monday 19th September – Friday 30th September

    We are on a roll with our Roman topic now! We have discussed the Roman Army and learned loads about them. We found out about the Legionary and the Auxillary Army as well as the different types of shields they used. We designed our own shields and will soon make them. We will put on lightning bolts, eagle’s wings and use lots of red. Ask your child why these are important things to go on a shield! This week we also wrote about the many different Gods that the Romans worshipped such as Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Mars & Cupid. Many of the children have been encouraged to use connectives in their sentences such as however, despite, because, if and therefore.


    In maths we have worked lots on the time including quarter past and quarter to the next hour. Many of us could tell the time to the nearest minute in digital and analogue which is super because it can help Mr Tedaldi out with his time-keeping. We also have been multiplying with 5 & 10 times tables which has helped us with our dividing of 5s and 10s.


    The rest of the time we have been looking at the different habitats we have around the school grounds with Mr Young. We made tally charts and graphs of all the different animals we had in our school grounds. Ask your child if they can name all the different animals and the habitat they live in.


    Our Welsh Phrases

    Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw?

    Beth wyt ti’n hoffi (chwarae, bwyta, gwisgo)?

    Wyt ti’n hoffi?




  • Monday 5th September – Friday 16th September

    The children are settling in to life in year 3 very well. Year 3 is very different from Year 2, but we are really enjoying it so far. We have been doing a lot of maths over the last few weeks where we have been adding by counting on and subtracting by counting back. We have also been adding numbers by 10 and we have been finding number bonds to 10 and 20. Many of us have also been working out how to get to 100 from a given number by using 100 squares.


    We have started our Gods and Gladiators topic by watching a few video clips of what it was like as a Roman. The children have been asking very sensible questions as to what they would like to learn this term about the Romans. We decided that we want to look into battles, Celts and what happens in the arena so we will look into these aspects over the next few weeks. We have also been trying to locate some European countries on the map and we found Britain and Italy to name a few. Before long we will also be building our own Roman shields. If any of you have any cardboard boxes going spare, then they would certainly help us out in the making of the shields.