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Half term Homework

Year 3 Half Term homework

 We have put together a pack of homework for your child to complete over the half term holiday. It includes Maths worksheets and activities, handwriting practice, the list of high frequency words that they need to be able to read and spell, lined paper for writing a biography of a member of their family, and the poems to be learnt for St. David’s Day.
Please can you ensure that you child spends a little time each day attempting these activities and returns the completed ones to school in the week after half term?
We would also like the children to make a Welsh Love Spoon as part of a St. David’s Day Craft Competition, and pictures of these are included to give them ideas.
Our Topic this term is the Romans and any independent research that they could do, would help their understanding of the topic. Useful websites are:
Our school website:
If your child has brought home a book on the Romans please help them to look after it and return it to school on Monday.
Please can you also encourage your child to read, and spend some time hearing your child read?
Thank you for your continued support,
Yours in partnership,

Mrs Salway and Miss Newell