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Lunch Club

In nursery we offer a lunch club service to support working parents and carers, and to help prepare the children for the new experiences they will meet when they begin school full time.

The lunch club service is run separate from the lunch time provision for the remainder of the primary school. It is independent of the school budget and is organised so that it can be self-financing throughout the year.

The charge for each session is £2.00. Once a place has been booked for your child you will be asked to pay in advance for each session whether your child is in school or not. This is to ensure your child's place in lunch club is guaranteed.


The morning nursery children will remain in school at 11:30 am and need to be collected at 12:30pm. The afternoon children can be brought to school at 11:30 and will remain in school until home time at 3:00pm.

If you would like your child to join our Lunch Club, please speak to a member of the Early Years team.