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Mountain View Ranch (Ed. Visit)

Monday 29th June

Today was Year 3 and Year 4’s Educational visit to Caerphilly Mountain View Ranch. We had a spectacular day and the weather played a big part in our enjoyment.
We promptly arrived at 10am and split into groups. We went on a Treasure Hunt around the park to see if we could find everything on the checklist, which had to be stamped off. We did very well to find everything including: Badger Wood, Fairy Forest, 3 Ponds, Climbing Tree, Deer Tree & Ponies. On the way to finding all these we saw an Indian Village, adorable funny goats, a wishing well and characters from the Gruffalo.

After the Treasure Hunt we had a go at Archery. It was much more difficult than it looked as Mr Tedaldi can testify, and the members of staff at the ranch are still looking for Mason’s lost arrow! However we have got a few archers in Pencaerau with a very keen eye and could probably give William Tell a run for his money.
We then had a lunch stop at the canteen to recharge our batteries and prepare ourselves for the Adventure Playground, and petting of some of the animals. I think some of the teachers were having a little too much fun!

Check out the gallery below with over 230 pictures!