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Kingswood Visit (Day 2)

Saturday 18th June

Phew, what a long day! Lights out last night was at 10:15pm but many of the children were still up, excited and chatting beyond midnight. We were all very tired this morning. But after washing our faces, changing t-shirts and filling up on sausages, eggs, beans and cereal we were ready for a packed day ahead.


Being in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by what seems like Sherwood Forest the phone signal is extremely poor. Miss Dicker is particularly lucky as she managed to get one bar of signal for about one minute and managed to receive and send a text message. I have now managed to work out how to include photos in our daily blog so prepare to see what some of the groups have been getting up to.


After splitting up into groups this morning the children did a variety of exercises including Jacob’s Ladder, Aeroball, Nightline, Bouldering, Caving, Archery and too many more to name! I’d like to apologise in advance for the muddy laundry many of you will be welcomed with when your child arrives on Monday evening. But we are currently having too much fun to worry about that now!


The food here is excellent and today we had a choice of many delicious meals again. Tonight I opted for chicken and mushroom pie and mash potatoes, while others went for lasagne and bangers and mash. Some of the children have also been getting stuck in and cleaning up the tables after them which is brilliant to see!


I have again snuck away for 20 minutes to share with you this blog, whilst the children are currently doing a ‘Scrapheap Challenge’. God only knows what they will be building but I have no doubt that they are learning and having fun! If you click HERE this will take you to all of the photos from our visit to Kingswood!