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Kingswood Visit (Day 3)

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Sunday 19th June

ALERT! Brace yourself for mud! The start of the day was very promising weather wise with the sun shining gloriously on us! It lasted only a few hours until the heavens opened and pretty much tipped down for the rest of the day! My group entered the caves with the sun on our necks and re-emerged to pouring rain! We thought yesterday was very muddy but we couldn’t have been more wrong. Some of us are covered from top to bottom. Even though the weather was poor, the day was superb, and everybody loved it!


The activities today were frisbee golf, fencing, climbing and abseiling, building shelters and a few more. All activities are very well organised and the instructors are really fantastic, particularly with some of the children (and teachers) who get a little claustrophobic in the caves. I cannot say enough of how encouraging and calm they have been. The rock climbing and abseiling were super tricky with the slippery surfaces but we all seemed to slip with smiles on our faces. We were always in safe hands, as they have been teaching us about safety and teamwork.


As the rain continued to pour we took shelter in the canteen and had delicious meals again! Today we had Roast dinner and apple crumble! I must say the children are very well fed here and all the children are finishing their dinners and are helping with the cleaning up too! Hopefully they will keep this up when they return back to you.


After dinner and a quick change of clothes, the groups split up again. My group went building shelters in the forest which was the muddiest part of the day, while the other groups went aeroball and frisbee golf. The rain started to ease up and the children regrouped and warmed up around the campfire. We will all have nice warm showers tonight and get ready for bed, deserving a nice, long rest! We have a few activities planned for tomorrow morning but I can guarantee the children will be sleeping on the bus on the way back.


I will continue to persevere with photos; we have taken hundreds of them including great videos but the wifi here is temperamental to say the least and I’m desperate to share them but it is proving very difficult. I will update the page in the morning to confirm when we are departing so you will get a good idea when we will arrive but we will be looking to leave here at 2 ish. Time for bed now as my eyes are closing just typing this! See you tomorrow.