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Kingswood Visit (Day 4)

Monday 20th June

We’ve made it home completely exhausted and just in time to watch Wales win! The trip did last just shy of 6 hours, so we filled the time with many a song! Again we made it in 2 stops and with only a couple of moans and groans. We left Kingswood to torrential downpours, not wanting to leave but arrived home to sunshine and happy to see loved ones again!


The children woke up tired after last night’s late night campfire session. We all agreed that the campfire evening was the nicest night of the lot and every single child joined in and enjoyed it immensely. Most of the children attempted to start the fire and all of the children had marshmallows and the teachers were especially lucky to have had hot chocolate!


Tired eyes and more rain this morning didn’t stop the excitement for 2 of the groups doing the Leap of Faith. For those who don’t know what it is, it is a 7 metre tall pole which you climb up and jump from, onto a trapeze dangling high in the air. I cannot believe where some of the children muster up their bravery from. I would have loved to do it but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time…That’s Mrs Lloyd’s and my excuse anyway!


This morning the children all stripped their beds and carried the linen over to the laundry room. We had to make the rooms ready for the next school, so we gave them a quick clean and tidy and headed over for our usual bacon, sausage, hash brown and toast. The food in Kingswood really made the experience the more worthwhile, as there was so much choice and it really was extraordinary every single time.


The whole weekend was a huge success and as teachers we were very proud of the children who behaved and acted very sensibly all weekend. The Kingswood staff were very complimentary and we are all looking forward to another possible trip next year.


Here are a few things we learned this weekend:

·         Lots of songs.

·         Not to wear a watch when caving, rock climbing and abseiling. It will break.

·         Wear more sensible shoes in muddy conditions.

·         Turn the plug on when trying to charge an ipad.

·         How to build a shelter in the woods.

·         Working as a team is better than working by yourself.

·         Always pack a carrier bag or two.

·         Keep your water bottle filled up.

And most importantly:

·         Make sure Mrs Crocker has her 7 hours of sleep! Nobody wants to see her in the morning with less sleep than that!


More photos will be uploaded momentarily but in the meantime enjoy our list of statistics from the weekend.


Survivors: 45 children, 6 and a half teachers

Sick: Zero

Broken Bones: Zero

Scrapes and bruises: 13

Songs sung: 224

Marshmallows toasted: 105

Photos & Videos: 871

Hours of Rain: 25

Archery Bullseyes: 7

Made it to top of rock climbing: 18

Jumped from top of ‘Leap of Faith’: 15

Money spent on sweets: £121.57

Phone signal: Mr Lane managed to find 2 bars for 5 minutes

Dishes broken: Zero

Shower rails broken: 1

Fun: 110%

Number of children who want to stay: 44

Number of teachers who want to come home: 7

Hours on bus: 12 hours & 6 mins

Are we there yets?: Lost count

Hours of sleep Mrs Crocker got: 17