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Welcome to our Nursery class page!
Please browse and keep checking our page for weekly updates of what we have been learning about and all the exciting things we have been doing!
 The Early Years Team
Nursery Teacher: Miss Woolley
Reception Teachers:Miss Newell and Mrs Stebbings
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Campbell, Mrs Cuff, Mrs Eddy,Mrs Griffiths,
Mrs Millward, Mr Lane and Mrs Camilleri.

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Our Topic this term is called 'Scrumptious!'
Project Overview

This project has a Knowledge and Understanding of the World focus and enables children to

explore different types of food, including observing and experiencing the changing state of foods

by cooking, melting, mixing and freezing. Building on initial starting points during the Engage Stage,

your observations will enable you to develop the project flexibly taking account of your children’s

ideas and interests.

During the Innovate Stage children should be encouraged to think creatively applying their previous

experiences, skills and understanding to plan and make a menu of dishes for the three bear’s picnic.

In this project children will learn about:

• Different types of food

• Foods they like and dislike

• The senses of smell and taste

• Keeping healthy by eating a balanced diet

• Measures and money through play based contexts

• Foods from different countries

• The processes of cooking, melting, freezing and mixing

• Expressing themselves creatively using a range of different media

• The Welsh language using words and phrases across a range of experiences both in the indoor

and outdoor environment.