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Welcome to our Nursery class page. Please keep checking for weekly updates about all the exciting activities we are doing.

 Nursery Staff

Teacher: Mrs A James

Teaching Assistants: Mrs D Davis,

Mrs J Herco Thomas

Teeny Tiny Things

 This project has a Knowledge and Understanding of the World focus and enables children to explore details of both the natural and man-made world, using a range of methods and resources to observe things carefully.

Nursery Fun Day with Zoolab

We made cucumber caterpillars and enjoyed eating them!

Making snails

Observing snails

Counting ladybirds

Practising writing patterns

Snails 🐌

Minibeast scientists!

How many ladybirds? 🐞

Making ladybirds - how many spots?

Blowing bubbles

Monday 7th May - Friday 11th May

 We have been learning all about tiny seeds and flowers this week. We have made perfumes and potions with petals and we even explored flowers in ice!

We have used our magnifying glasses again to look at tiny details.

Making petal potions

Outside fun - Builders at work!

Looking for minibeasts

Flower petals in ice

Monday 30th April - Friday 4th May

 We were very excited to find a garden in Nursery! There was a little house and we wondered who lived in it. Every day there were more clues and we think it's a fairy garden! We have used our magnifying glasses to look for fairies but we haven't seen any yet, only traces of sparkling fairy dust!

Our fairy garden

Our new topic is 


Pitter Patter


Frogs in a pond

Singing ‘Five little speckled frogs’

Fun in the sun!

Painting a rainbow! 🌈

Singing the colours of the rainbow in welsh

Still image for this video

Easter bunny came to visit us!

It was lovely to see so many mums and dads attending our Open Day. The children really enjoyed sharing their nursery experiences with you!

We enjoyed having cereal for our snack

We are learning to recognise numbers. We counted the number of raindrops to put on the wellies.

We used our rain sticks to accompany our singing!

Morning nursery

Still image for this video

Afternoon nursery

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Water play - which container holds the most water?

Exploring uses of water - bathing babies

Investigating frozen water. How can we make ice melt?

We dressed up as our favourite characters to launch our school book fair

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our lovely Nursery mums. Hope you all have a lovely day!

Dragon Tales

This topic has a Knowledge and Understanding of the World focus and enables children to explore the historical, traditional and fantasy world of castles.                              
Celebrating Saint David’s Day

Morning Nursery in Welsh costumes

Afternoon Nursery

Chopping vegetables to make cawl.

This leek is smelly!

We enjoyed eating our cawl!

Saint David’s Day activities 

We have been learning about all things Welsh as we prepare to celebrate Saint David’s Day. 

We have been practising our rolling and cutting skills making playdough Welsh cakes and we have painted some beautiful pictures of daffodils.

Painting daffodil pictures

Making play dough Welsh cakes

Monday 12th February - Friday 16th February

 We have enjoyed learning about celebrating the Chinese New Year. We have tried to pick up rice with chopsticks, it was very tricky! We have learnt that the dragon is an important part of the celebrations and we have made our very own Chinese dragons too.

Chinese New Year activities

We also had a visit from a dragon who came to tell us about looking after our teeth. He reminded us to brush our teeth twice a day and we talked about food and drinks which are good for our teeth.

Monday 5th February - Friday 9th February

 We have enjoyed acting out the roles of knights and princesses and telling stories using the characters in our castle.

 We have been learning to recognise numbers on dragon feet and we had to count out the number of dragon eggs for each number. Nursery children are becoming very good at recognising numbers and counting!

We have made dragons and shields

Princesses and a knight!

Castle small world play

Numbers on dragon feet!

 We took advantage of a sunny day after lots of rainy days and went into the big playground to practise ball skills. We had lots of fun!

Practising ball skills was lots of fun!

 Monday 29th January - Friday 2nd February

 We have been building lots of towers and castles using different building blocks. We tried to build tall towers without them falling down and we counted the number of blocks we had used. We tried to build a taller tower than our friends and everyone wanted to build the tallest tower!

Building castles

Glitter and Glow

Polar bears and penguins in the snow

We found the matching baubles!

Looking for shiny things!

Buildings blocks using mirrors

Looking at our reflections in the mirror

Drawing self portraits

Children in Need

Children in need activities


 Our topic has a Knowledge and Understanding focus as we learn about different types of food and where food comes from. The children will be involved in a number of cooking activities  where they will observe changes in materials as they are heated and cooled.

Chocolate covered marshmallows and hot chocolate.

The tallest beanstalk!

Our bean stalks have started to grow! 😃

Monday 16th October - Friday 20th October

 Nursery had lots of fun making and eating bread this week. We listened to the story 'The Little Red Hen' where the other animals wouldn't help the hen to make bread but they all wanted to help her to eat it! All of the children were very good at helping Mrs Davis to make the bread and they all enjoyed eating it too!

Fun making bread

 We have been exploring Autumn leaves and sorting them into different colours and sizes. We used the magnifying glass to look carefully at the conkers, pine cones and beech nuts which we found in the leaves too.
We used Autumn colours to print with leaf sponges. Some of us were very careful and produced lovely art work.

Monday 9th October - Friday 13th October

We have planted beans and we are hoping they will grow into our very own beanstalks. Will they grow tall enough to reach the giant's castle in the clouds?

Planting beans

Monday 2nd October - Friday 6th October

We have been listening to the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and we have enjoyed doing beanstalk activities.

We practised our threading skills by threading green triangles onto pipe cleaners to make our very own beanstalks.

We enjoyed building a castle for the giant in the clouds. The clouds were mouldable foam which was very messy and good fun!

We have been baking in Nursery and made biscuits which we decorated in gold to look like the giant's bag of gold.

We are making a giant beanstalk in Nursery and everyone helped to paint leaves and draw the lines on them to improve pencil control.

Next week we are looking forward to planting our very own magic beans!!

Making gold coin cookies

Building the giant’s castle in the clouds

Practising threading to make beanstalks

Monday 25th September - Friday 29th September

We have been learning about vegetables this week. We used our senses to explore the vegetables in the builder's tray - the onion was very smelly and the broad beans were lying on a soft bed! 

We made pictures by printing with the vegetables which was lots of fun.

We enjoyed our squash and cake to raise money for Macmillan. Many thanks for your kind donations.

Monday 18th September - Friday 22nd September

We have enjoyed listening to the story of The Gingerbread Man and we enjoyed making our own gingerbread men to eat! We hope they were tasty and didn't run away! We painted gingerbread men and counted out three buttons to stick on him.

We were very clever being able to retell the story using the story sack props. Nursery are becoming good story tellers!

Threading cheerios!

We have been practising our threading skills using Cheerios! We had to concentrate to thread them on the lace and some of us were tempted to eat a few too!

Monday 11th September - Friday 15th September

We have all settled well into Nursery and we are happy to meet lots of new friends. We have enjoyed listening to the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and we have played with the bears in their cottage.

We made porridge for them which tasted 'just right' and we also enjoyed our nursery 'breakfasts' of toast and cereal!

Eating cereal

Making porridge for the three bears

Having fun with new friends