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Welcome to our Nursery class page. Please keep checking for updates about all the exciting activities we are doing.


Nursery Staff

Teacher: Miss Collins

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Dovey, Mrs Eddy and Mrs Cuff

Planting Flowers


As part of our emerge day, we learnt how plants grow and what our part was in the process. Following this we discussed what we would like to do to improve our outdoor area and what we would like to learn about this half term. We planted sunflower seeds, pre-planted flowers and tomato and strawberry plants. We are looking forward to looking after them and observing the changes as they grow.


Summer Term


Believe it or not we are in the last term of this academic year. This half term our topic is 'Round and Round the Garden'

Our new topic will offer many fun and interesting opportunities for the children to learn about different species of plants and what those plants need to help them grow.  They will also study different insects and their habitats by exploring our fantastic outdoor area and completing a bug hunt. This is sure to be an exciting topic that will see the children engaged throughout learning lots of new skills.  


Repeating Patterns


We have enjoyed learning about repeating patterns this week, we built lots of different towers using repeating patterns. Some of them were taller than Miss Collins!


The weather was so beautiful this week we decided that we would like to have a picnic. We made our own sandwiches by buttering the bread and adding our favourite filling and then enjoyed our wonderful outdoor area.

heartHappy Valentines Day!heart


Throughout the week we have discussed the people we love and how we can show our love to our families. We came up with; cuddles, saying thank you, helping and drawing them pictures. We then decided to make a treat for our lived ones.


Colour Mixing


This week we have been experimenting with colour. We began with mixing lots of different colours in a tuff tray and then decided that we wanted to use our hand rather than a paint brush.


Where is the bear?


We enjoyed placing the bear in different positions and describing its positon to our friends. Can you describe where the bear is?


Welcome Back!


Welcome back to the Spring term. We hope you had a fantastic break relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends over the Christmas break. As we begin the new term we begin our new topic 'We're going on a bear hunt'


This topic will see the children exploring their curiosity, understanding and knowledge about bears and their habitats. The children will also engage in activities to help deepen their understanding of senses and imagination to explore the environment. 

We met Pudsey Bear!


To raise money for children in need, we came to school in our pyjamas and dontated money. We were having a fantastic day and then Pudsey came to visit us, we couldn't believe it


Monsters Week


We loved celebrating and discussing different monsters this week. We made 'Boonanas', sang different monster songs and finished our week with a monsters tea party. Everyone looked amazing!



For the last two weeks, we have been learning about Autumn colours in Nursery.  We began learning about Autumn by going for a nature walk in our school grounds. Whilst on our nature walk we went searching for autumn leaves to collect. Once collected we discussed the colours, textures and sizes of the leaves. We then took the leaves back to class the fun began! We got to explore the leaves using magnifying glasses, we made leaf soup and even made our own hedgehogs out of the leaves! Throughout the last two weeks we have also made our very own 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow' as well as using building blocks to build our own farm houses. On top of all this fun we have even found time to begin looking at patterns and practise our numbers, we are beginning to recognise numbers 1-4! frown




This week we have been focusing on learning about the colour blue and identifying number 2. We have enjoyed exploring blue spaghetti and making ice as well as driving our cars on a road in the shape of number 2. As our creative task this week we made our own blue whales out of paper plates, it was a a lot of fun and we are so proud of our creations! We have also enjoyed playing 'colour pairs' to develop our memory and identify colours which we hope to bring home to play next week.




This week in Nursery we have had a lot of fun learning all about the colour RED. We have; painted pictures using different shade of red, painted using frozen red paint, created ladybirds using red playdough, explored red shaving foam, played in red water, sorted red shapes, retrieved red items from red jelly and talked about our emotions. It has been a very busy week!





Welcome back, we hope you have all had a fabulous break over the summer holidays.  We are looking forward to seeing all of you.


As we begin the new autumn term, we also start our new topic, Art Attack, where we will learn lots about colours and patterns through exciting and fun activities.


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