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Our IT work

Here is a selection of work we have created in the IT suite. 
Year 1 created our own Smoothies to sell in the school tuck shop. Here are some posters we created to advertise our delicious product.
Picture 1 Jacob
Picture 2 Morgan
Picture 3 Olivia
Picture 4 Serena
Picture 5 Sophie
Chinese New Year
Here the children found out when Chinese New Year is by searching using Google. They found out it is On January 31st. They copied and pasted this information into Microsoft Word along with a picture they found on the internet.
Picture 1 Jac H.
Picture 2 Lee
Picture 3 Lucas
Picture 4 Mya
Picture 5 Rhoslyn
Santa Emails
The children received an Email from Santa asking to show them their Pop-Up Christmas Cards. Here is what the children sent to Santa.
Picture 1 Jac H
Picture 2 Jack D
Picture 3 Mya
Picture 4 Ruby
Picture 5 From Santa
Family poems
The children came up with a year 1 class poem in which we could all use in our ICT work. Once the poem was created and uploaded, the children used Microsoft Word to edit it. They changed the Font, Colour and Size.
Picture 1 Jack
Picture 2 Jacob
Picture 3 Karghly
Picture 4 Keira
Picture 5 Lucas
Picture 6 Morgan
Picture 7 Olivia
Picture 8 Ruby
Picture 9 Tyler
Family Portraits
The children were asked to create a picture of themselves and a family member. They drew these pictures using a program called Reveltaion Art.
Picture 1 Declan
Picture 2 Jamie
Picture 3 Josh
Picture 4 Karghly
Picture 5 Lee
Picture 6 Morgan
Picture 7 Rhoslyn
Picture 8 Sarah
Picture 9 Sophie
Picture 10 Thanisha