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Paws, Claws and Whiskers

'Paws, Claws and Whiskers!'



Our first topic of 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers' will allow children to explore the world of domestic and big cats. The children will have the opportunity to compare animals within the cat family as well as looking at their habitats within the home and wild. This topic has a Creative Development focus and enables children to develop their artistic skills and ideas using a range of expressive and creative processes. Towards the end of the project children will be able to apply their experiences, knowledge and understanding in a creative way to care for a lost cat.  

Monday 8th September - Friday 12th September

This week we have been settling in to the Reception class. We have made some new friends and got to know our new teachers.
We have enjoyed getting creative and have been busy practicing our colouring, painting, cutting and sticking skills.

Monday 15th September - Friday 19th September

This week we have been listening to the Three Billy Goats Gruff Story. We then used finger puppets to act out the story. We have also enjoyed looking at different books in our reading corner.  

Monday 22nd September - Friday 26th September

This week we have been very busy learning the letter sounds of 's' and 'a' we have been finding animals that begin with these letters and practising to write them in the sand and foam. On Wednesday we had a very special visitor in school called Mark who came with all of his cheeky animal puppets and put on a show called 'Hero.' We learnt about some famous animals who have helped people in the past.

Monday 29th September - Friday 3rd October

We have been having lots of fun with letters this week and learning to write our names! We had a great time at Rubicon Dance, learning how to move around using lots of different actions. We have also started learning all about cats and where they live. We found out that lions and tigers are part of the cat family too! 

Monday 6th October - Friday 10th October

We have enjoyed learning more about cats this week through reading such stories as 'The tiger who came to tea,' 'The lion at bedtime' and 'The lion who wanted to love.' The children have been creating their own tiger paintings remembering to include the cat features of whiskers, paws and a tail. We have also been on a letter hunt outdoors and recognised the letters from our name to thread it onto string.

Monday 13th October - Friday 17th October

We have had some special animal visitors in school this week. Zoolab came in and introduced the children to Babs the rat, a giant African snail, a millipede, a snake and a tarantula. The children had the opportunity to look at, touch and hold each of the animals whilst finding out lots of facts about them. Look in the folder below to see lots more photos from Zoolab! The children have also been trying some different healthy snacks this week sharing their likes and dislikes. We have had a big focus on name writing over the last few weeks, please keep practising at home with your child.

Monday 20th October - Friday 24th October

The children have enjoyed learning to read and write some of the high frequency words this week as well as practising forming their numbers. They have also been learning some new Welsh phrases and can now ask and answer simple questions about who they are and how they are feeling. We hope all the children have a lovely half term, please remember that we will be holding the Monster's Tea Party on Tuesday 4th November. There will be a prize for the best dressed!