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Plantasia - Educational Visit



We arrived at Plantasia after a one hour bus journey. Some of us caught up on some much needed sleep!

We promptly split into groups. The first group participated in a felt making workshop, where we created our own rainforest felt pattern.
We discovered that felt was used as garments of clothing for some tribespeople of the rainforest. We, however made decorative patterns.
We then had the opportunity to see the animals, pose for photographs and then enter into the indoor rainforest.
We were fascinated by the lizards, scared of the snakes and excited to see hundreds of hungry fish.

We entered into a village hut, where we learned about some of the artefacts, created tribal music and danced to it.



We then went animal and plant spotting...

We managed to find Chameleons, Macaws, Chimps, Cobras, Venus Fly Traps, Cacti and various fruit plants.
We then walked under the waterfall and said farewell to Plantasia. Ready now to write about and draw all the wonderful things we did and saw!