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Pupils of the Month

A very special congratulations to all Pupils of the Month for a fantastic effort. All Pupils of the Month are rewarded with a Special Lunch with Mrs Turner. They also get treated to a delicious cake!


Monday 14th July

Awarded for being a positive role-model in every aspect of school life


Monday 16th June

Awarded for being a model pupil. She's always enthusiastic and always tries her best


Monday 12th May

Awarded for spelling all Year 2s Key words and for independent extended writing.


Monday 31st March

Awarded for consistantly producing work to a very high standard and for being an excellent role-model.


Monday 10th March

Awarded for an all round brilliant effort in all things Welsh. Also for singing wonderfully in the Eisteddfod


Monday 3rd February

Awarded for progressing well in all aspects of school and moving into Group 1


Monday 16th December

Awarded for working hard in Maths all month and for a brilliant performance in the concert


Monday 11th November

Awarded for constantly producing work to a high standard and for reading brilliantly.


Monday 30th September

Awarded for showing a genuine interest in learning and for showing fantastic listening skills all month.