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Rainbow Readers

Congratulations to Holly Hutchinson and Owen Hatherill for being Raindow Readers of the Month!

What we are saying about Rainbow Readers....

Reading was one of my worst things until I came to Rainbow Readers. It helped me so much I love reading now. I understand books so much more now. - Owen H

I love Rainbow Reading because I like listening to the CD players and it helps you read better. It's really fun. - Lauren

I love Rainbow Reading because it improves your reading so you can read higher levels and you can spell bigger words better. - Bethan

I love Rainbow Readers because it is fun. We get to do dice games and it helps me get better at reading. Rainbow Readers is really cool. - Kirsty

I really like Rainbow Readers beacuse it is really fun and it helps me read. The dice game is fun and cool, it helps me alot- Scott