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Croeso i tudalen derbynfa


Teacher: Miss Allen

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Blackmore and Mrs Romanelli

Welcome back!

We hope you had a lovely break over the Easter holidays.

As we begin our new summer term, we also start a new topic -Teeny Tiny Things.


This project has a Knowledge and Understanding of the World focus and enables children to explore details of both the natural and man-made world, using a range of methods and resources to observe things carefully.

19th - 23rd March

We have had another exciting week in Reception, learning about lots of new things. Come and take a look.

12th - 16th March

Take a look at all the things we have been exploring in Reception this week.



We have moved onto a new topic

We are now exploring  

Pitter Patter



5th - 9th March

What have we been learning about in Reception this week?

What an exciting afternoon we have had in the snow today!

We were hard at work in class when we noticed lots of beautiful snowflakes falling thick and fast from the sky. We had take a better look, so we decided to put on our coats, wrap up warm and go and investigate the snow for a couple of minutes. The children had a fantastic time and were ever so excited to see it snowing.

We have been learning all about St David's Day in class this week. Here are some of our fantastic and very beautiful daffodil paintings we have created.

Spring Term

Our topic this term is all about Dragon Tales



Dragons Tales is an exciting topic that will engage children in a number of different activities. This will allow the children to discover more about the history behind dragons, castles, and kings and Queens.


During this topic we will explore and find out about:

  •  Castles in Wales - Cardiff Castle and Castell Coch.
  • Learn about parts of a castle
  • Use maps to locate castles in wales
  • Explore through the contents of a mystical treasure chest
  • Recognise and order numbers on dragon footprints and shields
  • Count dragon eggs and find matching numbers
  • Create dragon masks using a range of different materials 
  • Paint princes and princesses 
  • Decorate crowns
  • Learn songs related to castles and dragons
  • Take part in dragon dancing
  • Explore traditional Welsh Folk dancing
  • Listen to stories and poems about dragons
  • Role-play stories and scenarios
  • Describe dragons using appropriate vocabulary
  • Retell stories using small world figures
  • learn Welsh vocabulary for castles
  • Practise using Welsh colours to describe dragons
  • Sing Welsh songs 
  • Follow simple commands in Welsh

Happy Valentines Day! Reception have been hard at work today, making cards to celebrate Valentines day

Happy Pancake Day! Reception have been celebrating Shrove Tuesday in class by decorating pancakes with lots of yummy toppings.

Thank you!

Reception would like to say a very big thank you to everybody that helped with our class assembly and came to watch. We had a fantastic time putting it together and learning lots about our class value. We hope that you all enjoyed watching it.

Our Class Achievement

Da iawn! Reception have been working exceptionally hard this week.

Here are some of our class achievements


Pupil of the month: Lola-Rose

Pupil of the week: Scarlett

Welsh speaker of the week: Kady

Our class value is friendship

We have been learning all about our class value this week. We have discussed as a whole class what the word 'friendship' means. The children have contributed some fantastic ideas. 


"Friendship is when you are nice to someone" - Lacie-May

"Friendship is playing nicely" - Ella-Rose

"Friendship means caring" - Mia

"It is when you share things with people" - Dilan

"Friendship is helping" - Riley

"It is being nice to someone" - Tate

"Friendship is when you are kind" - Olivia

"It is when you make someone happy and smile" - Blake


We would like to remind you that Reception's P.E time has now changed to Wednesday. Please could we remind you that it is essential for all pupils to wear appropriate kit for their PE lessons to ensure personal hygiene and safety.

Please could we ensure that your child's name is written on every piece of clothing.


Thank you for your continued support


Autumn Term 

Our topic this term is all about Glow and Glitter



This project has a Knowledge and Understanding of the World focus and enables children to explore things that sparkle, glitter, glow, reflect, shine and twinkle. 


In this project children will learn about:
Materials that are shiny and materials that are not
• Materials that reflect light and those that do not
• The properties of man-made and natural materials in particular those that shine, glitter, twinkle,
glow and reflect
• Making shadows using a light source
• Fire safety and rules to keep safe indoors and outdoors
• Different sources of light and how light is important in a range of different celebrations including
• The traditions of Christmas
• Mark making, drawing and emergent writing
• The Welsh language using words and phrases across a range of experiences both in the indoor
and outdoor environment.

Our new topic is scrumptious



Our topic has a Knowledge and Understanding focus as we learn about different types of food and where food comes from. The children will be involved in a number of cooking activities  where they will observe changes in materials as they are heated and cooled.


In this project children will learn about:
• Different types of food
• Foods they like and dislike
• The senses of smell and taste
• Keeping healthy by eating a balanced diet
• Measures and money through play based contexts
• Foods from different countries
• The processes of cooking, melting, freezing and mixing
• Expressing themselves creatively using a range of different media
• The Welsh language using words and phrases across a range of experiences both in the indoor
and outdoor environment.


Here is some pictures of us cleaning and eating our apples that we picked.

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