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Scrumptious - Autumn Term 2013

Our Topic this term is called




During this topic we will be learning about lots of different foods.
We will taste and smell lots of different foods using lots of exciting words to describe them such as; hot, cold, sour, sweet etc. We will also be taking part in lots of activities that will further our understanding of the importance of a balanced diet, food from different countries and lots more! We will finish our topic with a big teddy bears picnic!! Watch this space for updates!!

Have a fantastic Half Term Holiday!
We return to school on Monday 4th November 2013

Monday 21st October - Friday 25th October 2013

Our Pupil of the Week



This week we had a Teddy Bear's Picnic to complete our topic called 'Scrumptious.' We made jam sandwiches in the shape of Teddy Bears.



We had lots of fun...


Monday 14th October - Friday 18th October 2013

Our Pupil of the Week



This week we have been learning about Healthy and Unhealthy food! We sorted them in our books...

Monday 7th October - Friday 11th October 2013

Our Pupil of the Week



This week we have been reading 'The Gingerbread Man.' We enjoyed listening to the story. We like shouting "RUN! RUN! As fast as you can! You can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!" We made gingerbread men and took them home on Friday!

The Dentist Lady came to wee us this week too! She showed us how to brush our teeth and we promised her that we will try to remember to brush our teeth before school and before we go to bed!

Monday 30th September - Friday 4th October 2013

Our Pupil of the Month



This week we have been reading 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' We liked the story, especially where the giant says "FE FI FO FUM!" We drew around ourselves to see if we were tall like a giant. We measured to see how many crayons tall we were.

Mrs Stebbings and Miss Newell found some magic beans. We estimated how many would fit in our hand and we were allowed to eat them after. We practised writing our numbers to 10.

We had beans on toast for snack too! It was yummy!



Monday 23rd September - Friday 27th September 2013

Our Pupil of the Week



This week we have been reading 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.' Miss Newell and Ms Stebbings read the story to us and we watched it on our interactive white board. We looked at different sizes and decided how many spoonful's of oats it would take to fill each bowl. We looked at the story sack and sequenced the order of the story. We had porridge for snack too!

Our sound this week was 'a.' we learnt the song too! Mrs Stebbings and Miss Newell gave a very tricky job! We had to cut out pictures and decided whether they stated with 's' or 'a.' It was had but we tried our best!



Monday 16th September - Friday 20th September 2013

This week was our first full week of full days. We looked at all the fruit from 'Handa's Surprise' and we all painted observational paintings.

Here are our paintings displayed in our classroom.


We have started to learn to write our names. It is very important that we learn all our sounds too! We have started with 's.' Mrs Stebbings and Miss Newell made us work very hard to find pictures that start with a 's' and practise the formation.

We enjoyed eating our lunch in the big hall for the first time too! Here we are being Dining Dinosaurs...

Monday 9th September - Friday 13th September 2013

This week we have been settling into Reception life. Miss Newell and Mrs Stebbings have been looking after us and helping us to always have a smiley face! We have started our exciting new topic called 'Scrumptious' and we tasted lots of different fruit!
Some was very yummy...

But we didn't like the taste of some...
Mrs Stebbings and Miss Newell are looking forward to seeing all the children on Monday for their first full day - See you all soon!