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Spring Term 2013


This term our topic is ‘Animal Kingdom.’ We will be learning all about lots of different animals including those that live in hot and cold countries, those that are black and white and those that live in the jungle. We will learn to recognise different animals, remember their names and discover a range of habitats.
 Hope you have an egg-tastic Easter and the
Easter Bunny brings you lots of eggs!

Monday 18th March - Friday 22nd March 2013
This week the Easter Bunny visited Reception! We were all very quiet so that we didn’t scare him! He said we had all been good boys and girls and gave us some Easter Eggs! We all said a great big Thank you! We have also made Easter Baskets. We chose our favourite colour card and decorated them using finger paints.
Monday 11th March - Friday 15th March 2013
This week we have been making our Easter Cards. We have been making Easter Bunny cards. We thought about what colour they might be and used lots of different materials to collage them. We added whiskers and eyes once they were dry! We hope you like them!
Monday 4th March - Friday 8th March 2013
This week we made our Mother’s Day Cards. We took our time to make them beautiful for our Mummy’s. We have also had a jungle animal hunt in the Early Years garden where we had to find lots of different animals – some were hiding very well! 
Monday 25th February - Friday 1st March 2013
This week we had a Welsh Week to celebrate St David’s Day. We did lots of things to remind us of Wales. We painted our own pictures of daffodils, went on a Dragon Hunt, made welsh cakes and we dressed up! We also learned lots of Welsh songs which we sang.
Monday 18th February - Friday 22nd February 2013
This week we looked at animals from cold countries. We learned about penguins and polar bears and lots more! We thought about how they might keep warm and what they might like to eat. We made collages using materials that were cold colours.
******HALF TERM******
Monday 4th February - Friday 8th February 2013
This week we remembered that it would soon be Valentine’s Day! We made heart biscuits, rummaged for hearts in the sand, played in red water and with red play dough and thought about the people we love. 
Monday 28th January - Friday 1st Febrauary 2013
This week we thought about animals from hot countries. We thought of lions, elephants, giraffes and lots more! We looked at what they eat and how they keep cool. We made collages using materials that were hot colours. We read the story of ‘The Lion Who Wanted To Love!’ and ‘Giraffe’s Can’t Dance!’ These are our new favourite stories. 
Monday 21st January - Friday 25th January 2013
Zoolab came to visit us this week and took us on a rainforest adventure! The ranger brought lots of different animals for us to look at and some we could hold and touch. There was a milipede, a giant snail, a frog, a beetle, a tarantula and a snake! We learned lots of things about the animals.

Have a look on the Zoolab page for more photographs!


Monday 14th January - Friday 18th January 2013


This week we learnt all about animals that live in the Jungle. We listened to lots of stories about jungle animals, moved around like different animals and talked about what animal we would like to be. We learned the song ‘Walking through the Jungle'. Click on the below and have a sing along!

Walking Through the Jungle

Hike through the rainforest, scale a mountain, swim across the ocean, and still make it home for dinner. Rhyme and repetition make learning fun in this selection that teaches actions, animal sounds and exotic settings around the world. Want to learn more about our colourful collection of books and gifts?

Monday 7th January - Friday 11th January 2013
This week we told our teacher’s all the things we knew about animals. Our teachers helped us to make a mind-map of what we knew. This helped Mrs Rowles plan lots of new and exciting activities for us to do this term!