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Spring Term (Robot Rampage)

Monday 23rd – Friday 27th March

This week we ended our Robot Rampage topic by building our Robots. We needed to build a robot toy to take back to Recon Robotics for them to mass produce. We decorated our robots by painting them and carefully cutting out holes to put our electrical components through. Some of our robots had a bit of a problem with the paint as they flaked off as they dried. But some looked really good. The toys all had either a light bulb for an eye, a motor bow tie and a buzzer voice. They were all powered by a switch. Some of us managed to wire up all parts to one switch which was a great achievement. Check out our gallery to see the pictures.

Also as part of our topic we learned about the life of Alexander Graham Bell and how his invention of the telephone is one of the most important inventions of our time. The children watched a video of his life and carefully made notes as they went along. In the end they used their notes and made a comic strip of his life. The children loved learning about Alexander Graham Bell and loved the story of the first voice message to be sent across electrical wires.
This week we had a visit from PC Steve who did a workshop called “Friend or Foe” which showed us the importance of being safe when home alone and when meeting people. There was also a visit from the Easter Bunny who helped us with our Easter Raffle. We hope you have a brilliant Easter break which is filled with lots of happiness and good memories. We will see you in two weeks.

Monday 9th March – Friday 20th March

The children began the fortnight writing stories based on “A Dragon came to Town”. We role-played stories using a treasure chest that a dragon slayer left behind. We are also beginning to plan a story based on our robot theme. To prepare ourselves for the robot topic and the building of our robots we have been learning about electricity and how it flows through a closed electrical circuit. We built circuits that made bowties spin, eyes light up and we used buzzers and switches.
Keeping on our electric theme we have been creating timelines about famous inventions and inventors. We have been particularly interested in John Logie Baird who invented the television. We found out that he was born in 1888 in Scotland, he hated school, loved experimenting with electricity, he lost lots of important things in a fire and he died before he had a chance to film our Victory Parade after World War II.
In Maths we have been doing lots of work on pictograms and representing data in different ways. We made pictograms of when our birthdays are by asking each other in Welsh “Pryd mae dy penblwydd di?” We have also been working on our comprehension skills by reading different texts and learning how to answer questions based on what we read.
This fortnight we also went to the National Museum and we made our faces funny for Comic Relief.