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Spring Term (Sensoria)

Monday 2nd – Friday 13th February

The fortnight began with the children being immersed in learning all about sound and how it travels. We learnt that sound travels a lot better through a solid than air. To demonstrate this we built string telephones and re-enacted how the particles vibrate through the string and other different materials. We also looked at how the ear works and what happens inside it. We learnt what the ear-drum does and that the smallest bone in the body is the Stirrup which is inside the ear. We also looked at how sensitive our skin is and we did an investigation to see how some parts of the body are more sensitive than others. We recorded all our results in a leaflet, where inside we wrote lots of explanations and poems about our senses.
In Maths we have been busy measuring and getting better at using the ruler more accurately by counting the millimetres. We have been converting cm into mm and m and some of us have been converting m into km. We have also been practicing our multiplications and finding patterns within the times table square.
In English we have been writing explanations. We have been writing and giving reasons why things happen and how they happen. In Welsh we have been learning songs in preparation for St Davids Day and we have also been talking about why we like things in Welsh and giving reasons. We have also been playing Netball in P.E which the children have really enjoyed.

After a really good half-term we have earned a welcome week break from school. We look forward to seeing you all return safe on Tuesday 24th February.

Monday 19th – Friday 30th January

We are now in full swing of our Sensoria topic. We started the last fortnight learning all about light and how it travels. We learned that opaque objects make shadows and that if the light source moves then it affects the size and length of shadow. We also did experiments on different materials to see what reflects best. We also blindfolded one another to see how much we rely on our eye sight and how important all our senses are. We have also been using mirrors and torches to look into our own and partner’s eyes and learned that our pupils shrink when we shine light on them.

To consolidate our learning we went on a visit to Techniquest where we learned that white light can break up through a prism allowing us to see all the colours of the rainbow. We had loads of fun and learnt so much about our senses.

In Language we have been learning more phonics sounds which is helping us with our reading and spellings. We have been making complex sentences by extending our sentences and we have been writing our own poems about the 5 senses. In Maths we have been busy learning how to tell the time and we’ve been working out how much time has passed along with measuring temperatures using thermometers.

Just a quick reminder that Home Reading books will be changed if returned by Wednesday.

Monday 5th – Friday 16th January 2015

This term we have been doing lots of work in English. We have been using rhyming couplets to make our own poems. We have been learning about Similies and Calligrams. The children have used these skills and applied it to their new topic SENSORIA in which they created poems about light, sun and rain. We have also been to the ICT suite and typed them up on the computers.
In our topic we have created a Sensory area in our classroom which has got sensory equipment to support the children’s understanding of how light and sound work. We have been learning a lot about light and doing investigations on reflection. We found out that light travels in straight lines; plastic is a better reflector than wood and we learned what opaque, transparent and translucent objects are. If you have any spare torches, lamps, lava lamps or any other light or sound toys/games that you would like to lend the class for a few days that would be fantastic.
In Maths we have been doing lots of work on fractions and equivalent fractions. Most of the class know what a half and a quarter are and can spot their equivalent matches. This week have recommenced the “Home Reading” scheme. The books need to be returned each Wednesday to ensure it is changed for the following week. Some of the children’s books are lengthy books and may take a couple of weeks to complete, which is fine.