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Spring Term (Supermarket)

Our topic this term is Supermarket


This project has a science focus and teaches children about a range of materials and their properties used for packaging in shops and supermarkets and about the issues surrounding waste and re-cycling. At the heart of this project the children will write and follow a range of instructions and develop additional skills in creating labels, lists and captions. In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by setting up and managing their own section of a supermarket. In this project the children will learn:

• What products are sold at supermarkets and how they are packaged;
• How to find information by interviewing, using ICT and first-hand experience;
• How to follow and write a recipe;
• How to use metric measurements of weight;
• To identify the features of a fair test;
• How to be aware of safety and hygiene when preparing food;
• To record their work in writing and through the use of digital media;
• To solve simple problems using money and recognise different coins;
• How to design and make packaging and labelling using various techniques and vocabulary.

Friday 11th April

Recently we have been practicing lots on our spellings and taking some home for homework. This practice has helped every child in Year 1 improve on the number of Key words they know and can spell. Some children can spell all the Year 1 key words and are now on Year 2 words.

In Welsh we have been practicing to say “Beth sy yn y fasged siopa?” We have been playing guessing games by describing fruit using colours and ‘fawr a fach’.

Some of us have been making powerpoint presentations this week with information regarding our trip to Tesco and our Smoothie project. We have all also been busy practicing our adding skills. We have been counting on, using fingers, cubes and number lines to help us.

The Easter bunny paid Year 1 a visit and in preparation for his arrival we made Easter baskets and cards to take home to our loved ones. Pasg Hapus i pawb!

Awarded for a great improvement in her reading and spelling

Friday 4th April

We started the week by doing Maths and English where we were grouping items in 5s and 10s and also practicing our number bonds to 10. We also learnt new sounds. Some of us learnt ck, e, u and r sounds and others of us learnt vowel blends such as ai, oa, oo and igh.
Here’s Connor and Alfie showing us some number bonds.

Here’s group 2 spelling some words with oa and oo sounds in them.
As Easter is quickly approaching, we have been learning about the reason we celebrate Easter. We listened to the story carefully and discussed it with each other. Some of us put story-board pictures in to the right order and labelled them and some of us wrote out the story and drew our own pictures. The staff in year one are very impressed with the writing. Some children have written 3 pages in their books!
For our Supermarket topic, during the week some children went to other classrooms and told them about our delicious smoothies. We took orders and collected money and gave out change. Friday morning was really busy as we had to make 80 smoothies which were ordered. Here you can see some of us chopping strawberries and bananas and blending them altogether.

Awarded for a brilliant re-telling of the Easter story and for great enthusiasm during our Smoothie project 

Friday 28th March

We have had a very interesting week this week. We went to Tesco on Monday and we really enjoyed ourselves. Please look in the Tesco Visit file below to see what we got up to. Also Mrs Thomas taught us a new song in our Music lesson. Ask your child if they remember how ‘Beth sydd yn y fasged siopa?’ goes.

We have been busy making Mother’s Day cards using the computers in the It suite, we hope you like the cards that the children designed. We all hope you mothers have a special day on Sunday.
Today we made smoothies to see if they are good enough to sell in our tuck shop. We had one group making the smoothies; another group making labels; another group writing the instructions; another group working out how much change they would get from a pound by buying various priced smoothies and one group used Microsoft Publisher to make posters advertising our smoothies. Here are some of our posters. Check the file below Our IT work for all of the posters.
Our Writer of the week this week is Karghly Watkins and our Sumdog Maths challenger of the week is Thanisha Patel who won our prize. Da iawn chi'ch dau!
Awarded for great enthusiasm in all aspects of our Supermarket topic

Awarded for consistantly producing work to a very high standard and for being an excellent role-model

Friday 21st March

We have had a relatively normal week this week and done lots of English, Maths and Welsh. We have been writing about foods we find in the supermarket that we like and dislike, and then making shopping lists based on these foods. We also did this in Welsh by getting into roles of customers and shopkeepers and asking one another “Beth wyt ti’n eisiau?” and responding by saying “Dwi’n eisiau.........”
In Maths we have been locating numbers on the 100 square and recapping how to add and subtract by one and ten. We have also been practicing our Mental Maths by having our weekly quiz again where most of us have improved our scores significantly from last week. We have been improving these skills by having fun on in the I.T. suite too. Lots of children have been playing this at home and it is certainly helping. Keep it up Year one! This week’s Sumdog Challenge winner is Joshua Aderounmu. Da iawn Josh, gwaith ardderchog!
Our handwriting is also improving as we have been practicing hand control and letter formation. Next week there will be prizes for the child with the best handwriting and the child who has improved the most.
We will also start awarding Writer of the Week again as of next week, as we have been very busy the past several weeks. A winner will be picked from some writing we did this week, where we discussed various aspects of a Supermarket and wrote about them in detail. Some children wrote about what they see in a Butcher’s and some wrote about the delicious smells coming from the Bakery. This writing work will be improved upon next week after visiting Tesco in Culverhouse Cross. We are really excited!

Awarded for becoming more and more independent and taking responsibility for her own learning

Friday 14th March

We have begun our new topic Supermarket by practicing money problems and looking at different food labels and packaging. We have been using prices of food, where we have been ordering them from cheapest to most expensive; finding the amount using coins and also some of us have been trying to work out change from 20p. We had a task this week to design our own label to go on a tin of baked beans. We tried really hard to add lots of important things such as the name of the product, weight of the tin, price, colour and other information. We also looked at various pieces of art work by Andy Warhol and made observational drawings of things we find in the supermarket, such as tomato sauce, baked beans and bananas.

We have also begun a weekly Maths quiz to help improve the children’s speed of mental math recall. To help develop their basic number skills we have entered a scheme online which is designed to improve these skills in an enjoyable way. Just go to and enter your child’s details which were given to your child today. (If you have lost it, then please see me for another one). Each week we will have a competition and a prize will be given to the person with the highest score weekly.
In class, we have started working on our handwriting skills and if you wish to practice at home then please visit our homework folder down the page (This is purely optional). We have also this week gone back to basics and started playing interesting games involving our letter sounds and phonics which is helping us to read and write better. Each week our English homework will now be spellings where we will “Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check” our latest words. We will all have different words depending on which words we struggle on the most.
We have also changed our Home Reading books to the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme. If your child would like to read more at home in their own time then you can click here to read 100s of free books online. From here just click on My Class Login and type in pencaerau1 as the username and pink as the password. Then click on whatever colour band your child usually has in their homework bag and read away.
Awarded for an awesome score in her Maths test and for trying really hard to learn her new letter sounds.