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Summer Term 1

Welcome to Year 6's Class Page!
Croeso i Blwyddyn 6!

Class Teachers: Mr Young & Mrs Knight
Teaching Assistant: Mr Crocker
Welcome back Y6 to your final term at Pencaerau!


This term we will be sharing the unit, 'CHAMPIONS'. This project has a Science and PE focus. It teaches children about a range of sports and sporting events, the importance of exercise and healthy living and the history of the greatest sports event on Earth, the Olympics. At the heart of this project children write instructions and explanations and develop additional skills using the technical vocabulary associated with sport and the human body.
In this project the children will learn:

·         About the different parts and functions of the human body including different muscle groups;
·         About the importance of healthy eating and exercise;
·         About the lives and culture of the ancient Greeks;
·         How the Olympics originated and the importance of the Olympics today;
·         About a range of other sports and activities;
·         About team work, competition, perseverance and what makes a champion.


Monday 4th May - Friday 15th May
Continuing with our science focus, we carried out a science investigation. Our focus was making sure we carried out a fair test by identifying the variable we change, measure and keep the same. We started to learn the terms: independent, dependent and control variable. 

Monday 4th May - Friday 15th May
Y6 all worked hard during their national tests. We also learnt about the Ancient Greeks. Through independent research, we found out about Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses, the Ancient Greek Olympics, Anciemt Greek Architechture and mythical creatures. We created non-chronological reports, fact posters and artwork in the style of Rhiannon.

Monday 20th April - Friday 1st May
As well as revising hard for the national tests, Y6 have been testing a variety of solids and liquids to see if they cause a reversible or irreversible change. We have learnt that a new material is produced in an irreversible change.

Monday 13th April - Friday 17th April

We have been looking at the main internal organs of the human body. As part of our studies the children had the chance to draw around a member of their group and draw where they think each of the organs is situated.