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Summer Term (Children of the Revolution)

Monday 11th May – Friday 22nd May

This fortnight we completed our Science investigation and concluded that coke is a good substitute for water to help sunflowers to grow. The children checked to see if their prediction was correct and lots of us were surprised to see coke do better than soapy water and coffee. We commented that the test may not have been that fair because different people fed the plants each day and different people measured them each day too. The children then came up with ways to improve the test if they could do it over again which included using more different liquids and to not put the plants in the same tray.
We have almost completed our class book ‘Street Child’, which we have enjoyed immensely and which has taught us a great deal about life as a poor Victorian child. We have been doing lots of role-plays, dressing up and writing about the book. Our writing is definitely improving and lots of us are confidently writing in greater detail and in greater length too. Whilst dressing up we have been looking at what children wore in the Victorian days and compared them to what we wear today. We learnt what petticoats, mop caps, cravats and bustles are.
We visited The Western Leisure Centre last Wednesday and had a super day competing in various sports clubs and events against a variety of other schools in the area. We took part in Judo, Athletics, Dodgeball, Rugby, Boccia & Gymnastics. More photos of the event can be viewed below.

In maths we revisited time by looking at how many minutes have passed the hour and calculating how many minutes to the next hour. We have been adding up times together being careful to remember that there are 60 seconds in a minute. We added lengths of songs together to calculate total lengths of combined tracks. We are getting more and more confident in working with time. Also this week we have looked into the lives of artist sir Kyffin Williams and Victorian nurse Betsi Cadwaladr. We appraised Sir Kyffin’s work and contrasted it to our own artwork and we read about the life of Betsi Cadwaladr. Betsi was famous for her work in the Crimean war where she worked alongside Florence Nightingale. We put her life into sequence, retold each other her life and wrote about it using techniques that we learned in our language sessions.
Monday 27th April – Friday 8th May
Our National Tests have begun this week. The children have been doing really well so far. The tests will be over next week, which we will all be glad of. In maths this fortnight we have been practicing our adding, subtracting, multiplying & dividing. Most of us are really confident when we see these types of problems now. We have also been doing lots of investigations and puzzles where we have to find lots of different possibilities.
We have continued reading “The Street Child” all week. We are now up to chapter 20 and we are really enjoying it. We have been doing lots of work on it too including writing diary entries as characters from the book; writing our own imagined dialogue between two characters from the book and we’ve been visualising what some of the characters look like from their description and we’ve been trying to draw them accurately.
Our sunflowers are coming on nicely. We’ve been watering them with different liquids. The ones that have been fed vinegar, coffee and milk have all died. However the ones that are fed coke and fairy liquid are growing quite well. We’ve been measuring the length of them and plotting the progress of them on a line graph. Some of us have been painting sunflowers this week ready to go up on display next week.
We’ve also been doing a lot more welsh this week and our Helpwr Heddiw has been given more and more commands in class. Next Wednesday we will be going to the Western Leisure Centre for a Sports Day which will involve many other schools in the area. We will be leaving at 9am on Wednesday and we will return ready to be collected at the normal time. Please make sure your consent forms are returned ASAP.

Monday 13th – Friday 24th April
What a busy and exciting fortnight Year 4 have had! We began our new topic by looking at who Queen Victoria actually was. We found out lots of facts about her and her family. We went to the I.T. suite to do some independent research on some important figures from the Victorian era such as Florence Nightingale, Edwin Chadwick, Louis Pasteur & Joseph Lister and found out why they were so important to advances in health and hygiene. We also learned that if we were around in the Victorian era we would be sweeping chimneys, selling items in the street or working in cotton mills or in coal mines. To learn more about times in that period we have been reading a new class book called “The Street Child”. We have been pretending to be characters from the book, dressing up and acting out scenes and recording them using ipads. We have also watched Mr Tedaldi’s favourite musical “Oliver!”
Ms Campbell Jones visited our class and explained how important potatoes are in our diet and she helped us to grow our own potatoes which we have been watering every day. This inspired us to do lots of outdoor Science investigations too. We wanted to know what trees we had on or school grounds so we measured the circumferences of the trunks, took bark rubbings and studied the leaves carefully. We worked out using a key that one of the trees is a Weeping Willow and we are still undecided what the other tree is. Another investigation involved us studying woodlice. We went on a hunt and found dozens of them which we brought back to class. We wanted to find out where they would like to live, so we built a choice chamber for them which had 4 different sections. We concluded that they like damp, dark places the best. We also planted sunflowers to find out what happens when you water them with various liquids. We watered them with coca cola, coffee, milk, vinegar and soapy water. We look forward to finding out how much they have grown next week.
In other areas we have been doing lots of maths investigations and preparation work for our national tests and we have also been doing athletics in P.E. so we can perform well for our sports day in several weeks’ time. Check the gallery below for lots more images.