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Summer Term (Wriggle & Crawl)

This Summer Term our topic is ‘Wriggle & Crawl’

The project has a science focus and teaches children about mini beasts and their habitats. At the heart of the project children will learn to write poems using rhyme and learn additional skills in labelling and captions. In the Innovate Stage children will apply their skills and understanding by attending the Ugly Bug Ball.
In this project the children will learn:
• Important facts about the life cycles of mini beasts, and how mini beasts live in their habitats;
• How to use research skills to find information – using non-fiction books and the Internet;
• How to measure and collect information accurately;
• To design and make a mask;
• How to compose music and sounds to fit with words;
• How to use a range of instruments to perform music;
 • How to write a piece of poetry including using rhyme.

Friday 11th July
This week Year 1 have been practicing place value by partitioning numbers into Tens & Units. We then checked our answers by counting in tens. We have also been spelling CCVC words also words with more than one phoneme in such as church, speech, thrash, branch & string. We then wrote captions and drew pictures containing some of these words.
We have all also finished making our Bug masks which the children put a lot of hard work in to. We created ladybirds, butterflies and spiders. To top the week off we watched ‘A Bug’s Life’ which had lots of insects in that we have been studying all term.
We look forward to seeing all children back in school next week for their final week in Year 1. We will hand out all the medals that they won on Sports Day and the children will be able to take home some of their work that they made throughout the year.

Awarded for being a positive role-model in every aspect of school life

Friday 4th July

This week, we have been going over our Welsh numbers. We have been singing Welsh songs. We have also been finishing off our repeating patterns using ‘Revelation Art’ in the IT suite.

We have also been brushing up on our phonics work and learning new sounds, and we’ve been working on our Key Word spellings in preparation for Year 2 which will soon be here! Some of us can already spell all of Year 2s Key Words and are currently working on Year 3 words!

On Friday we went on our Educational Visit to Cardiff Bay and St Fagans. We spotted lots of boats at Penarth Barrage. We saw the beautiful views on the Bay which was made better by the lovely sunshine. We played in the Pirate Playground and saw the memorial of Captain Scott’s voyage to Antarctica. We saw the church in which Roald Dahl was baptised in and then we met up with the bus at the Millennium Centre. We then had a little tour of Cardiff City as we passed the Millenium Stadium, City Hall, the National Museum and Mr Tedaldi’s house as we made it to St Fagans. We enjoyed our lunch and then we wondered around learning all about the houses, shops and buildings there. Check out the folder below (Cardiff City Visit July 2014) for pictures. 



Friday 27th June

This week in Year 1 we have been making bug masks using various materials. We have been making caterpillar, ladybird and spider masks. We have also been practicing the Ugly Bug Ball song which can be found here . If you would like to help your child to earn the song then please follow the link.

This week we have also been doing lots of work with money. We have been working out how much change we need from 10p, 20p, 50p and £1. We have also been using lots of different coins to make different values of coin.

We also had our class photos and club photos taken this week, which will be available to purchase soon. The children have also been allocated football teams from the World Cup. If that team wins the World Cup then that child will win a prize. Also we started our own World Cup tournament using these teams. It is not a football tournament but a ‘Year 1 Rock, Paper, Scissors’ championship. Many teams have been eliminated this week and the knockout stages will begin next week. The winner of this tournament will also be given a special prize.

Awarded for trying extremely hard to improve her reading and spellings

Friday 20th June
This week, we have been making the most of the glorious sunshine and have been learning outside every day.

The main focus of the week has been writing all about where mini-beasts live and why they live there. We found out that woodlice like living in dark, damp places like under rocks and logs. Spiders live in peoples’ houses to stay away from the cold and they like being under the sofa so they cannot be seen. Our writing work is certainly developing nicely as we will soon make the transition to year 2.
Sarah Khalil was our writer of the week this week for independent writing in which she used lots of phonic sounds that she has learned recently.



We have also been recognising and grouping coins into certain criteria all week and playing fun games to help us, such as ‘Guess who?’ and a treasure hunt. 

Awarded for being top of her group in Maths and for showing signs of great improvement

Friday 13th June

What a fantastic week we have had in Year 1! We have been busy making our snail photo frames and Oreo spider biscuits for the Summer Fayre. Here are some of us making the Spider biscuits.

In class, we have learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly and were amazed to find out that butterflies lay up to 200 eggs at a time. We put the life cycle in the correct order and wrote sentences to match. In Maths we have been learning about odd and even numbers. Some of us found out that if we add an even number to an odd number the answer will always be odd.
We have had a brilliant Sports Day on Wednesday too! Big congratulations to all the participants and particularly the Yellow House for finishing as overall winners. The children will receive medals (Gold, Silver & Bronze) for finishing in the top 3 in due course.
On Friday, Pencaerau held a World Cup themed day and each child was given opportunities to shoot penalties against Mr Maxwell, Mr Lane and the Pencaerau football team’s goalkeepers. See folder below (World Cup Penalty Shootout) for our pictures.

Awarded for being a model pupil every day. She's always enthusiastic and always tries her best.

Friday 6th June 2014

The children have made some brilliant Acrostic poems this week. Here are some examples of what the children did:

Slimy snails come out at                             Wriggly and thin.
Night. They                                                  Out they come when it
Are small and live                                        Rains. Especially after
In a shell. They                                            Midnight when the
Like to move really                                      Sun has gone.

This week we have also been counting in 5s in Maths, we have been practicing reading and spelling key words. We have been joining up our handwriting and we can now all join up ‘cl, ch and th’ blends. We have also been really busy making special snail photo frames for the Summer Fayre which all look fantastic. Please continue with donations for the Jolly Jars for the Summer Fayre and remember the child who sells the most raffle tickets will get a £5 gift voucher.
We also had a very special visitor this week who taught us road safety. She taught us to ‘Stop, Look, Listen & Think’.

Awarded for coming up with great ideas when writing mini-beast acrostic poems.

Friday 23rd May

This week we carried out an investigation with our snails. We wanted to test their homing instincts (apparently they can find their way back home after being away for a while). The children came up with an idea that if we coloured in the snails and set them free, we would be able to see if they return to their original home or not. We used a dash of tippex on each snail so that we could track them. We set them free and after 24 hours we went to check if they returned to where we collected them last week. Of the 12 snails that we released only one made it back to its original home. We found 2 other tracked snails in our play area, but we could not find the other 9 snails. We assume that they found another home elsewhere.

In Maths we have been using Tens and Units in place value to order numbers and to add. In English we have been learning new sounds, we’ve been singing the alphabet song and also some of us have started writing acrostic poems about some of our mini-beasts.
We have also been preparing ourselves for Sports Day which was unfortunately postponed because of the weather. We hope you all have a pleasant Half-Term and we will see you back in school on Monday 2nd June for our final term until Summer! 

Awarded for an extremely good recent improvement in reading and spelling.

Friday 16th May

We have had a really exciting week this week. We started off the week by discussing where would be the best place to find worms in the school yard. We found out that they like damp and dark places. So we went out looking for shady areas and under things like stones and logs. We found dozens of worms and kept them in the glass jars that we prepared as mini-habitats. On our quest to find worms we also found many snails which we decided to keep and study too. We researched how to care for snails on the internet and are currently studying them too. Today we looked at them through magnifying glasses and tried to find their mouth, feelers and eyes which we drew carefully. Some of us have written up sentences on the computers using Powerpoint and presented our work to the rest of the class.

We have also been practicing for Sports Day which is taking place next Friday, which we are really excited about.

Awarded for showing brilliant enthusiasm on our mini-beast hunt and being keen to learn more about them.


Friday 9th May

We have been mini Bill Oddies this week as we have all ventured out into the field in search of wildlife. Many of us found ladybirds, snails, butterflies, worms and caterpillars. We looked closely at each mini-beast and did our best to describe them. We came up with words such as slither, glide, slimy, crawling, wriggly and sticky. We will use these words to come up with rhyming couplets to go into poems which we will make in due course. When we got back to class after the hunt we wrote sentences explaining what we found and where we found them.
In Maths this week, we have been locating half past on clocks; using sand timers to see what sort of things we can do in 1 minute. We have also been subtracting and counting back. Some of us have been counting back using a number line and others have been counting back in 10s and subtracting without a number line.
We have all this week been practicing our new individual phonics sounds, which are helping us to read better. Lots of members of the class have advanced forward on their reading book levels and are starting to enjoy reading a lot more!
Next week, we will be collecting worms from the school field, which we will look after in class and observe carefully so we can understand their purpose a lot better. We appreciate all the glass bottle donations and would encourage more donations. 

Awarded for spelling all Year 2s Key Words and for independent extended writing.

Friday 2nd May

This week has seen year 1 introduced to their new topic. In P.E we have been playing classic playground games with an insect variation. We played ‘Bug Tag’, ‘Fly, Fly, Spider’ and ‘What’s the time Mr Spider?’ The children thoroughly enjoyed these games and are very keen to learn more about bugs and how similar they are to us humans. Next week we will go on a bug hunt around the school grounds, provided the weather is suitable!

This week has also seen Year 1 practice their handwriting and forming letters correctly. We have been learning new sounds too, which will help us to improve our reading such as ‘air’, ‘ai’ and ‘zz’ sounds. Also we have all had spelling tests this week so we can pin-point which spellings we need to practice. Lots of us are now spelling Year 2 words which is really impressive.

In Maths this week we have been practicing Place-Value by using 10p coins and 1p coins to help us to count. We have also been estimating and measuring capacity. We estimated how many cups of water it would take to fill up a bucket and how many cups would fill a bowl and lots of other variations too. We then tested our skills of estimation by carrying out the investigation.

Please remember to bring in your empty glass bottles so we have somewhere to put our bugs once we collect them.

Awarded for a noticable improvement in attitude and always giving his best effort