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Teeny Tiny Things

Our Topic this term is called

'Teeny Tiny Things!'



This topic enables children to explore details of both the natural and man-made world, using a range of methods and resources to observe things carefully. All learning will be child intitiated by taking account your children’s ideas and interests. Children will be encouraged to think creatively applying their previous skills, knowledge and understanding to imagine who might have left a trail of teeny, tiny footsteps. We will learn how to look for tiny details with care and concentration, use equipment such as hand lenses, visualizers, pooters and microscopes to observe things closely, discover small wonders of the natural world, look at intricate patterns seen on both natural and man-made objects and observe lots of living things that are tiny.

We will kick off our topic by learning all about teeny tiny creepy crawlies!


28th April - 2nd May

This week we welcomed all the new children! We have loved making lots of new friends and showing them all the wonderful toys we have in nursery.

To start our new topic we went on a minibeast hunt around the school grounds. We had lots of fun looking under stones and in the long grass. We found all sorts of creepy crawlies! 

We also had worms on toast for our snack!
It was spaghetti really but we had lots of fun pretending we were eating worms!
6th May - 9th May
This week we started our Rubicon dance sessions again. All the new children took part and had a great time!
We have also been busy using the hammer and nails. We had to carefully place a tiny nail into a colourful shape, then we hammered it into the cork board to create a picture. 

12th May - 16th May

As part of our 'Teeny Tiny Things' topic we have been looking at things that are very small. We have been on a hunt around school to find very small objects. We have also been sorting tiny seeds. We looked at the different shapes, colours, sizes and patterns and had to sort them into different groups.

19th May - 23rd May

This week we have been practicing for our sports day. We will be doing a running race on Friday! 

We have also been looking at numbers and trying hard to recognise the numbers 1-10. We have also been counting and matching numbers.