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Visit to Celtic Village at St Fagans

Despite the weather the children enjoyed their educational visit to the museum at St Fagans to go into a Celtic Roundhouse in the Celtic Village and hear about the life of a Celtic Farmer.
Animal skins
Celtic ancestor
Celtic god
Celtic helmet
Celtic helmet 2
Celtic shields
Celtic spear
Copper axe
Deer antlers
Ellie grinding wheat
Fire in the roundhouse
Grinding flour
grinding stone
Home ground flour
In the burnt down roundhouse
Inside roundhouse
Inside the dark and smoky roundhouse
Mason at the grindstone
Outside the celtic village
Outside the celtic village2
Outside the roundhouse
outside wood store
Romae at the grindstone
roundhouse kitchen
Showing an ancestor
Smoked ham
Spinning wool 2
Spinning wool
Stone walled roundhouse
The burnt wood
Using the grinding stone
Wattle and dawb wall
Weapons and shield
Weaving loom
What is in the bag
wood store
Woven baskets
Woven door