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Welsh Week

Monday 16th February – Friday 6th March

This fortnight we have had Welsh culture week, where we have been immersed in everything Welsh. We have been learning a traditional Welsh dance which the children performed fantastically. We wrote instructions on how to make a traditional Welsh vegetable soup and then we followed that up by actually making the soup. The children all took it in turns to chop, fry, boil, stir, time, blend serve and eat. We had a great time and most of us thought it was delicious!
During Welsh week we wrote a traditional Welsh poem in our best handwriting and we also looked at various Welsh landscapes, particularly the mountains in North Wales and the various castles we have to offer in our beautiful country. We recreated some of these images using collage techniques. We were encouraged to use different media such as paint, tissue paper, and sticking photos. We did this to great effect and the results were exceptional.
We have done our Maths this week with a Welsh theme. The children role-played a Welsh shop where they had to buy Welsh items and ask for it in Welsh and calculate amounts and change. We also created graphs to show who our favourite Welsh Sports Star is. We asked each other “Pwy ydy dy hoff ser chwaraeon?” and calculated that the most popular Welsh sport star is Gareth Bale. Mr Lane has been in our class this week and we have been re-telling stories and writing our own stories on a theme of a Dragon coming to town. The children have worked really hard the last few weeks and have had a lot of fun! They all deserve a nice relaxing weekend with some tea and Welsh cakes!

We would like to thank all the children and parents who put in a great effort making Welsh Shields, Bonnets and Welsh Cakes. Your support is very much appreciated. Here are some photos of our competition winners.