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Teacher: Miss Dicker

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Eddy


Welcome to Year 1's class page! 



'Wriggle and Crawl'

Our new topic of 'Wriggle and Crawl' has a Science based focus. Year 1 will be learning about mini beasts and their habitats. The children will learn about the different life cycles of mini beasts as well as researching what makes them similar or different from each other. The children will explore the mini beasts living in the school grounds and use their creative skills to accurately draw and label what they find. Year 1 will enjoy writing poems based on the mini beasts and they will learn about rhythm and rhyme within writing and simple songs. 

Bristol Zoo

We had an amazing time visiting all the animals at Bristol Zoo. We learnt a lot about the Amazon Rainforest in our workshop and enjoyed looking at all the animals around the zoo.

Monday 26th June - Friday 30th June



We have been watching our baby caterpillars very closely this week and today they have attached themselves to the roof of their pot and are beginning to form their chrysalis'. We can't wait to see how they change over the weekend! We have been doing some creative writing this week about caterpillars. 


In our Mathematics we have really enjoyed weighing different objects around the classroom using balance scales and cubes. We ordered the plastic minibeasts from heaviest to lightest and made a physical block graph.


We have also been getting muddy by planting some magic beans, I wonder what will grow? We will need to make sure that we look after them and the 'Helpwr Heddiw' will be in charge of watering them and making sure they have enough sunlight. 

Monday 19th June - Friday 23rd June


We were very excited to have some visitors to our class this week. Lillie very kindly brought in her 4 African Land Snails so that we could help look after them for the day. She told us all about what they like to eat and what they need to stay happy and healthy. We wrote a guide of 'How to look after a snail'. 


We also had 5 baby caterpillars arrive by post on Wednesday! We can't wait to see them grow and change. 


In our Maths sessions this week we have been learning to add 3 numbers together looking out for doubles or number bonds to 10 to help us.


Don't forget the Summer Fayre next Thursday as we have some minibeast themed craft ready to sell! 






Monday 12th June - Friday 16th June

This week we have been continuing to learn all about minibeasts. We wrote a set of clues and played 'What am I?' with our groups; we're getting really good at naming the different insects now. Ms Dovey brought in some nymph cases for us to observe and we watched a video to see how a nymph transforms into a dragonfly. We've also had lots of fun in our Minibeast Laboratory!


Monday 5th June - Friday 9th June

The children enjoyed being introduced to their new topic 'Wriggle and Crawl'. The children had fun exploring in the outdoor area on their minibeast hunt. The children have drawn the minibeasts they've found and labelled their body parts. They also plotted a map of the outdoor area to show which insects they found and where. 


Our new topic 'Supermarket' has a science focus and will help Year 1 to learn all about a range of materials and their properties. They will look at different packaging used in shops and supermarkets and about the issues surrounding waste and re-cycling.

At the heart of this project the children will write and follow a range of instructions and develop additional skills in creating labels, lists and captions.

In this project the children will learn:
• How various materials react to being heated, cooled, mixed, twisted,
crushed and changed using a range of processes;
• What products are sold at supermarkets and how they are packaged;
• How to find information by interviewing, using ICT and first hand
• How to follow and write a recipe;
• How to use metric measurements of weight;
• To identify the features of a fair test;
• How to be aware of safety and hygiene when preparing food;
• To solve simple problems using money and recognise different coins;
• How to design and make packaging and labelling using various
techniques and vocabulary.

Monday 22nd May - Friday 26th May

This week we had the challenge of designing and producing a new pizza for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Michelangelo! We had great fun taste testing different toppings and looking at what food groups they come from to decide if we were having a balanced diet. 





The children have also been looking at tens and units in two digit numbers in our maths sessions and finding symmetry in pizzas.


Monday 15th May - Friday 19th May

We have had a fantastic week exploring the food found in the jungle. We had to dress as explorers and make a weird and wonderful sandwich for the jungle animals. We also had to use our writing skills to use interesting adjectives to create a Jungle Café Menu. We have been helping Michael the Monkey to tidy and sort all the litter left on the jungle floor. We did a great job at recycling our food waste and packaging.




Monday 8th May - Friday 12th May

In Year 1 we have been using our digital skills to plan and record a TV advert for our cereal. We also wrote to our favourite supermarkets to try and persuade them to buy the cereal. We had to think of lots of WOW words to describe our cereal such as delicious, healthy, fruity and crunchy.


We also learnt about odd and even numbers this week and found out that even numbers always end in 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 and odd numbers end in 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9. We played whisper counting to practice! 


Well done Year 1, you had 100% attendance for last week and were the attendance winners! That's amazing! 

Tuesday 2nd May - Friday 5th May

The children have worked hard creating their 3D cereal boxes that they designed last week by decorating, cutting and folding the net of a cuboid. They had lots of fun making their cereal by combining the different ingredients and enjoyed taste testing their cereal even more! The children have also been busy practising their instructional writing by making squash and then writing steps of 'How to make squash'. 



Monday 24th April - Friday 28th April

Welcome back! We hope you've all had a lovely Easter holiday. The children wrote all about their holiday news on Monday and seemed to have had a fun filled 2 weeks!

We are continuing our topic of Supermarkets this half term and the children have already been busy designing a new cereal box aimed at children. They have thought of some wacky and interesting names for their cereal and are already excited about being able to make it! 

Monday 3rd April - Friday 6th April

This week the children have been very busy getting ready for Easter. They have created beautiful Easter cards and baskets. They have been using real Easter eggs and numicon to find number bonds to 10. They also helped the Easter bunny to hop and count in 2's, 5's and 10's. Year 1 are hoping that the Easter bunny may visit them tomorrow for their last day of term! 




Monday 27th March - Friday 31st March

This week the children have been working hard with numbers to 100. The have used a number square to practice counting in 2's, 5's and 10's and have been finding one more and one less of numbers to 100. They have also been working as a team to create a giant map of their local area and shops. They then had to use their IT skills of programming to give instructions to a bee-bot and deliver the bread to all the shops!


Year 1 really enjoyed the visit from the Pandemonium theater group on Monday where they were told some traditional tales from Wales. 

Comic Relief and World Book Day

Monday 20th March - Friday 24th March


This week we have been carrying out science investigations related to materials. The children were asked to test different materials to see which will be best for keeping Teddy dry as he keeps getting wet out in the rain. The children made predictions and then carried out a fair test. Year 1 found out that the plastic bag and tin foil was best to keep Teddy dry. Look at the pictures below to find out what they did! 



Monday 13th March to Friday 17th March


The children have had a great week of exploring materials and their properties. They learnt how to describe the look and feel of different materials and thought about why certain objects are made from these materials. As part of their Supermarket topic the children created and carried out surveys of their friends favourite supermarkets. They used tally charts to record their answers and to find the most popular.


Monday 6th March to Friday 10th March


This week the children were introduced to their new topic of 'supermarkets'. We had a class discussion on supermarkets and where they shopped with their families. The children learnt the words for the different sections of the supermarket and wrote about what they could buy from each section (bakery, green grocers, butchers...). They used google maps to search for the nearest shops to the school. They created maps of their own to show where the school and shops were in their local area. The children also really enjoyed carrying out simple surveys about their friends favourite fruit and used the computers to create pictograms. 


Monday 27th February - Friday 3rd March

Thank you for all your support in helping to make our Saint David's Day such a success! The children all looked fantastic and they brought in some very creative and brilliant homework competition entries. 


The children have continued with their Welsh themed activities. The children have enjoyed writing about what it means to be Welsh and to live in Wales. They have also been creating Welsh dragons during their free choice activities. Look at the Welsh daffodils, leeks and dragons they have been making using coloured cubes.









Our new topic for 2017 is Carnival! In this project the children will learn about a range of carnivals and celebrations around the world. They will use their art and design skills to make and construct masks and headdresses. Year 1 will explore how colour, decoration and pattern is used in different cultures from around the world whilst re-telling and writing a range of stories from these cultures.

Monday 13th February - Friday 17th February


We have had a great Welsh Culture Week celebrating our Welsh heritage by taking part in lots of different and traditional Welsh activities. On Monday and Tuesday we played tag rugby, cooked Welsh rarebit and carried out Welsh art and writing activities. We have been learning a Welsh song ready for our Saint David's Day concert on March 1st. We are singing about a doctor!



Monday 6th February - Friday 10th February 

The children have enjoyed measuring and solving problems in relation to length this week. They have been comparing the lengths of different classroom objects and furniture using the vocabulary biggest, smallest, longest, shortest, tall and short. The children have also been learning about direction and positional language. Some of the children are now confident with left and right! Remember to look out for the new homework tasks and games on Active Learn. 

Monday 30th January - Friday 3rd February


On Monday we celebrated Chinese New Year. The children had the opportunity to dress up and use masks to act out the story of the Great Animal Race. The children all tasted traditional Chinese food using chopsticks and had fortune cookies. They made Chinese lanterns and had a great time learning about the traditional celebrations of Chinese New Year. Thank you to all who attended our class assembly on Friday. We hope that you all enjoyed and learnt a lot about Chinese New Year.










Still image for this video

Monday 23rd January - Friday 27th January


This week we have been preparing for our Chinese New Year celebrations. We have read the story of the 'Great Race' and learnt about all the animals from the story. We found out that everyone in Year 1 was either born in the year of the tiger or rabbit! We really enjoyed creating dragon puppets to use in our dragon dance. We are very excited for our Chinese New Years day on Monday now! Keep checking for photos of what we get up to. 







On Friday we had a visit from the Food Hygiene Agency and had to become space cadets for the day! They had a problem on the Starship Gastrome where everyone was falling ill. We had to help the captain to find out what the problem was and fix it! It turned out that no one on the starship had been washing their hands properly or preparing and storing their food in a hygienic way! 







The Ghastly Gravy on the Straship Gastromo

Still image for this video

Monday 16th January - Friday 20th January


This week we were introduced to our topic of 'Carnival'. We watched clips of carnivals around the world and found out why and how people like to celebrate carnival. We designed and made our own carnival masks and wrote facts about carnival celebrations.  Some of us even dressed up and held our own carnival parades! 



Braces Bread Workshop


We had an exciting visit from Braces Bread this week who told us all about the history of the company and how it was started by a man named George Braces. We learnt about the ingredients that go into making bread and even helped to make our own fresh loaf! It was delicious! 




Wednesday 4th January - Friday 6th January


Welcome back to a new term in Year 1. We have had a short but lovely first week. We had great fun learning our ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd...) by taking a range of toy cars to the hall to race them. Some of the children made great predictions for what position the cars would come in based on their size or design. 


Just to remind you all that our PE days are Monday and Wednesday. We do hold some of our sessions outdoors and so ask that your child's PE kit is suitable for the colder weather. 









Our second topic this term is called Pop-Up. This topic has a focus of Design and Technology as the children will be exploring and creating pop-up cards and books using simple mechanisms. During this topic Year 1 will listen to and re-tell traditional fairy tales through creative writing and performances.


Monday 12th December - Friday 16th December


Year 1 have had a lovely last week of term. We have read the Christmas story and the children have worked hard to rewrite it in their own words. We have also learnt and started to use the vocabulary 'tens and units' in our math lessons to say how much a digit is worth. 


Remember to come in your party clothes to school on Friday! 


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all from Year 1. 

Monday 5th December - Friday 9th December


Thank you to everyone who attended our Christmas concert performances. 
The children all did brilliantly! 








Monday 21st November - Friday 25th November


The children have had a great week practising writing and forming their numbers to 20. The children had to say which number was biggest and smallest in a set and order them in size. We have also begun our Christmas concert rehearsals so please help to practice their speaking lines at home!


Monday 14th November - Friday 18th November


Carrying on with our topic of Pop-Up this week we have been reading the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. The children have retold the story to their friends using puppets. They have sequenced pictures and written sentences to tell the story. Some groups re-wrote the story by themselves! 


Thank you to all the children who joined in with our 'Bad Hair Day' for children in need. 







Monday 7th November - Friday 11th November


We have had another fantastic week! On Monday the children came into class to find a Giant's footprint! He left us a letter to explain that he had lost his shoes. The children had to measure his footprint to find out how big his shoes were and they helped to design new shoes for him.


The children also had another special visitor to the class. On Thursday the firemen came in their big fire engine and we were allowed to go inside. It was lot's of fun watching Mrs Eddy wear the firemen's kit!


All Year 1 have now had their active learn passwords sent home. This will allow them to play interactive maths games at home related to what we are learning in class. If you have any trouble accessing these then please do let me know.




Monday 31st October - Friday 4th November


What an amazing and memorable week! Year 1 did a fantastic performance of their value 'Honesty' for the opening of our Garden of Reflection. Thank you to all who attended. I hope you agree that the garden looked beautiful and will be a real asset to our school grounds. The children all looked very scary and spooky for the monsters ball! We hope they all enjoyed the dancing, games and party. Thank you to you all for your generous contributions. 




'Family Album' 



Our topic this term is ‘Family Album’ We will be learning all about ourselves including how we have grown since we were babies, our family trees, things that are special to us, our senses and our bodies, as well as lots of other exciting things! We will be learning through a mix of structured activities, guided and independent play in both the indoor and outdoor environments.

Monday 17th October - Friday 21st October


This week we have had a lot of fun with maths! In class we have been learning to double numbers from 1 to 5 in lots of practical ways. The Happy Puzzle Company came to visit us and we did lots of fun team puzzles and challenges related to maths! 


Thank you to everyone who brought in their baby and toddler pictures. The children worked in small groups to discuss their pictures before sorting items for babies, toddlers and children. 

Monday 10th October - Friday 14th October


This week we have had fun with numicon! We have been using the numicon to practice our number bonds to 10. As part of our topic we have learnt about our 5 different senses and went on a senses walk around the school, recording what we could see, hear, taste, smell and feel.


Thank you to everyone who have brought in shoe boxes and wrapping paper for our Operation Christmas Child event. We now have more than enough, so please keep checking this page to see pictures of Year 1 wrapping and filling the boxes. 



Monday 3rd October - Friday 7th October


We have had a great week practicing for our short Values Garden performance. Our value in 'Honesty' and we have learnt the song of 'Telling the truth'. Some of the children have had short lines to take home and learn.


The children each made a family tree which we hope to display in the classroom to demonstrate the similarities and differences of our families. We also took a whole class survey to find out how many people we each have in our family homes. 


Thank you to those of you who have already brought in your empty shoe boxes for 'Operation Christmas Child'. The children are already excited about being able to wrap and fill them in their classes. 




Monday 26th September - Friday 30th September 


The children have had a good week where they have been practicing their writing. They worked really hard to write about their families and what they enjoy doing together. The children have also been learning to make 5 using some interactive games, playdough and writing number sums into their books. They're getting really good at this, so please help to practice with them at home!


We have also had a big focus on teamwork. This week the children were set the challenge to follow picture instructions and build different structures using the giant polygon outdoors. They worked really hard in their groups!



Monday 19th September - Friday 23rd September 


Thank you to all the parents who attended Parents Evening on Monday. If you were unable to attend, please do not hesitate to make an alternative appointment.

This week the children have enjoyed exploring their 'Family Tree'. They confidently discussed the members of their family and were able to appreciate that all families are different. Year 1 also wrote about the things that they and their family are good at using the sentence 'I can...' 


Remember that we are still asking for your' Baby, Toddler, Now!' photos to help us with our topic. 

Monday 12th September - Friday 16th September

We have had another lovely week. We hope that the children have enjoyed reading their Home Reading Books with you. Please remember that they are given out on a Friday and need to be returned to school on Wednesday so that we have time to read your comments and change their books.


In class this week the children have been introduced to their new topic of 'Family Album'. They have been talking about their families and looking at how they have grown and changed from being a baby to now.


P.E. days were stated on our class newsletter and will take place every Monday and Wednesday. Children must be wearing appropriate kit in order to take part. This includes a t-shirt, shorts/tracksuit bottoms and trainers.


Monday 5th September - Friday 9th September

We have had a fantastic first week back and all the children have settled into their new classroom very well. The children have enjoyed exploring all the new areas and activities in Year 1 and especially love being outdoors!