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Welcome to Year 1
Croeso i Flwyddyn 1


Class Teacher: Miss Oliver     Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wheeler

Welcome to our Year One class page!



Please browse and keep checking our page for weekly updates of what we have been learning about and all the exciting things we have been doing!

Our New Topic is

This project has a science focus and teaches children about mini beasts and their habitats.


We have planted our own individual sunflowers and bean plants as well as a class tomato plant, strawberry plant and potatoes. We have predicted which we think will grow the tallest and are having a competition - Beans V Sunflowers!

We are going to be documenting how they grow and change over the next few weeks.

27th June - 1st July

We can't believe there are only 3 more Mondays left of school - this year is flying by!

We have carried on documenting the changes in our plants this week.

The bean plants are growing SO tall! We think they might be winning the race!

Jayden's is the biggest Bean Plant so far. When we measured it on Monday and it was 139cm!

Its much bigger than any of us and its even got taller than the sticks in our pot!

We are hoping to see the red flowers soon, because that means BEANS are coming next!!!

The sunflowers seem to be taking their time. The biggest one so far is Sophia's and when we measured it on Monday it was only 51cm.


We have been reading the bad tempered ladybird this week.

In the book the ladybird is very grumpy and unkind to lots of different insects and animals.

He asks people if they "want to fight?" but when they reply and say "if you insist"

he says "you're not big enough".

Leem had an idea that maybe he is really just scared and we all agreed.

The ladybird meets different creatures at different times of the day so we've been

looking at time to help us understand it better.

We drew the times on a clock face and matched or wrote about who the ladybird met at that time.

We even added AM and PM!

Next we're going to be looking at half past, quarter past and quarter to!

I wonder if we'll be clever enough to start looking at even trickier times!


We have also made a collage of all our different favourite chocolates and sweets to go in the time capsule

After we stuck them all down, we had to do something REALLY strange.

We had to put glue on top. Hopefully this will stop any of the rappers falling off when they're buried under ground for all that time!!

20th June - 24th June

This week we have been learning more about bugs and plants!

We learnt about the Sunflower and Bean plant Life Cycles.

We've even learnt what GERMINATION means!!


Poppy brought some insects she had found in her garden in to show us all!

We researched them and found out they were a Woodlouse and a Butterfly Moth. We had to be really quiet in class so we didn't scare them!


We have also been weighing some of the insects from our class BUG HUB using grams.

We counted in 10s using 10 gram weights.

We are getting so clever!


We have also been getting ready for the burial of our time capsule by writing about ourselves.

We talked about what we would like to be when we are older and Miss Oliver and Mrs Wheeler love all of our ambitions!

And here is a snapshot of what we have been up to in our independent choosing time the past week!

6th June - 17th June


 We have been busy over the past two weeks preparing for our summer fayre using

glass painting

to make Sun Catchers, Wind Chimes, Plant pot decorations and necklaces.

We have started documenting the changes we've already seen in our plants, we have documented their height in cm and the number of leaves. We will be doing this on a weekly basis until the end of term. We cant wait to see how they grow and change!

We have had a brand new role play area


In the bug hub there are lots of different insects and bugs. We have been investigating them by looking at them under magnifying glasses.

We thought about what we might like to learn during the course of our new topic.

Everyone wrote 1 thing they would like to learn.

We have learnt about the different parts of the body bugs have - antenna, legs, head, thorax and abdomen. We had a choice of what insect we drew then labelled the different body parts.

We also have new activities in our outside area. We are especially excited about having bark in our tuft spot and are hoping over the next few weeks we will start to see all different types of minibeasts living there!



Welcome to the new website!

We have been really busy over the past few weeks doing all sorts of fun learning!


We designed, filled and taste tested our cereals. 

We learned about WOW words and used them to think of what to name our cereal.

We thought about how to make the boxes attractive and colourful.

We thought about what characters would make the boxes appealing and what would make us want to buy cereal - like free gifts!


We had to rate our cereals when we taste tested them giving them a score out of 10, use WOW words to describe them.

We used this to help us write a food review!

We described the inside and outside and some of us thought about how we could make it even better next time!


Then we wrote persuasive emails to Tesco to get them to sell our cereal in their shops!

We used bubble maps to write as many WOW words as we could think of and used them in our writing.


We also started looking at weighing using cubes and some of us even started learning about weighing using grams! We weighed different items from the supermarket then ordered them from heaviest to lightest!

Here are some more photos to look at what we've been up to during our Challenges and Independent Learning time....

Miss Oliver and Mrs Wheeler can't believe how clever we are getting!!!

Our topic this half term is Supermarket!

This project has a science focus and teaches children about a range of materials and their properties used for packaging in shops and supermarkets and about the issues surrounding waste and re-cycling.
At the heart of this project the children will write and follow a range of instructions and develop additional skills in creating labels, lists and captions.
In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by setting up and managing their own bakery section of a supermarket.
In this project the children will learn:
• How various materials react to being heated, cooled, mixed, twisted,
crushed and changed using a range of processes;
• What products are sold at supermarkets and how they are packaged;
• How to find information by interviewing, using ICT and first hand
• How to follow and write a recipe;
• How to use metric measurements of weight;
• To identify the features of a fair test;
• How to be aware of safety and hygiene when preparing food;
• To record their work in writing and through the use of digital media;
• To solve simple problems using money and recognise different coins;
• How to design and make packaging and labelling using various
techniques and vocabulary.



Week beginning 11th April

Welcome back to the Summer Term, we hope you all had a lovely Easter!
We've had busy return!

We started by sharing our news about what we had done over the holidays and then wrote a recount using time words like "First, Next, Then, After and Last".
We are getting so good at using them now!

We've been looking at prices and ordering money in Maths

Week beginning 25th April
We are starting to look at packaging in more detail, looking at what different parts there are on a box, in preparation for making our own packaging.

We are doing lots of number practise this week!
We are looking at different numbers, looking at 1 more and 1 less using 2 digit numbers.
We are also practising finding different 2 digit numbers on a hundred square, as well as finding the missing number.

Week beginning 18th April
This week we have been learning about money, making 10p using 2 and 3 numbers.

We learnt about the names of different coins and then started using money to pay for items using 1ps, 2ps and 5ps!

We have also been making lists of the properties of different materials using the new words we learnt last week.

We talked about which materials are hard, soft, flexible, brittle, shiny, rigid, bendy and waterproof.

We had to order the numbers from smallest to biggest. We were fantastic at it!

We started looking at food packaging (thanks to all your kind donations).
We have been looking at the different materials that they are made from and what kinds of packaging are made from each material.

We discussed how cardboard is used for different types of boxes, paper is used for labels, glass is used for keeping food in like jam and sauces and how plastic is good for keeping things in - especially things you can drink!

We have also started talking about describing words for the materials (their properties)



We had lots of fun sharing, reading and learning new words!

Some of the children have been practising their maths and writing during their Independent Learning time!

Miss Oliver and Mrs Wheeler were very impressed!

Week beginning 21st March

We have been developing our Maths this week, after we wrote letters to Tesco last week we realised we all wanted to see different departments, so we thought it would make sense for us to vote and find the most popular.
We made a table and started to learn about tally charts, where we draw a line for each person instead of writing the number.

Then we made graphs to make it easier to see which was the most popular.
Some of us used block graphs and some of us used bar graphs.
We enjoyed doing these and were so good at these we've got some to do over Easter!

We planted potatoes in our outside area with Mrs Campbell Jones, we can't wait to see them grow!
We also made Easter baskets, cards and nest cakes.
We had a very special visitor on Thursday!

We were so excited!!
He brought us eggs too, we had 7 each and took them home in our Easter baskets with our Easter nest cakes.

Have a lovely Easter!

Week beginning 14th March

This week we have been measuring distances on a map, finding which shops in our area are closest and furthest using cubes and some of us even used cm! 

We also had a very special letter this week!



We wrote thank you letters back and told Tesco where in the store we would like to visit.
Miss Oliver is just waiting to find out the date!

We have been building supermarkets out of lego and unifix as one of our challenges this week.

And we've had a brand new role play area, we've got a supermarket in our classroom!

Week beginning 7th March

We've been working so hard this week learning all about our new topic Supermarket.
We learnt all about different specialist shops that sell different foods, like the green grocer, the butchers, the bakery and the fishmongers.
We learnt about the different foods they sell, then drew our own shops in different groups. We thought about how we could make people want to come in to our shops, we decided on using big windows with lots of yummy food for people to look at and lots of colour.



Then made them in to a model of a street. 
We worked really hard in our teams and our work looks fantastic!

We also learnt about where different shops are in our locality, we looked at google maps and walked down streets to find places we pass on our way to school, it was lots of fun recognising places we knew! Then we made our own maps of where things are using symbols, street names and even a compass!

Miss Oliver and Mrs Wheeler think the maps are fantastic!

Next we are going to be using our maps to measure which places are the closest and maybe even go and visit them.

This week was extra special because we had a male voice choir come to the school to sing with our choir.



The singing was beautiful and we really enjoyed it!

We also won the attendance cup for the second week running!



Miss Oliver and Mrs Wheeler are very proud of us!
I wonder if we can get it for the 3rd time next week!

Week beginning 29th February

We have had a lovely week celebrating St Davids Day

We sang 'dw i'n mynd i weld y byd' in the St Davids Day Concert 



We wore hats we made ourselves for the 'car bach coch a gwyn', 'tren back coch a du', 'bws mawr glas a gwyrdd' and the 'cwch bach pinc a gwyn'.

The judging was done in secret so we didn't know who won each competition until the day.
We clapped everyone who won! 
But all that mattered was that we all took part in it together.

We had some challenges to complete this week which we had to do independently or with a partner, but Teachers weren't allowed to help.
One of them was a having a conversation as a Chinese dragon and a Welsh dragon, asking all about each other.
Where do they come from? What do they do?
We had to use everything we knew about both dragons from all our past learning to help us!



We've also been getting ready for Mother's Day.



We made them ourselves - cutting and sticking, following a method, then we personalised them with some describing words which we have been developing using bubble maps this week!
We hope you like your presents, we worked really hard!

Week beginning 22nd February

This week has been so busy! We have been learning all about Wales as part of our Welsh Week.

We have written instructions for how to make welsh cakes.

Then we made our own:



Then we got to taste them!



We have been building all sorts of national symbols: daffodils, leeks, dragons, castles and welsh ladies.
All using different building materials and making them all different sizes!

We learnt about traditional Welsh dress and then painted our own Welsh ladies in traditional dress:

We used a picture to help us but painted them our own using our own ideas!



We also made our own Welsh flags:

Lastly we would like to thank all involved in the lovely home tasks that were brought in, they were fantastic!

Week beginning 8th February

The Chinese New Year was celebrated on Monday 8th February and we have had our own celebrations in class this week. We tasted prawn crackers and used chopsticks to eat rice - some of us found it trickier than others!

We dressed up in chinese costumes and even queued at the Chinese Takeaway to order our food!

Week beginning 1st February

We have had a very busy week doing creative activities to learn about celebrating the Chinese New Year. We made dancing dragons by making a concertina for the body.
We learnt about the Chinese dragon and the significance of the dragon dance. Chinese dragons are kind and friendly!



We made Chinese lanterns and decorated them in gold.



We had a letter from Mr Wong asking us to design menus for £10 and we used our knowledge of number bonds to design menus with 2 or 3 items. We worked really hard to do this!



Week beginning 25th January

We have been learning about our Chinese personality characteristics this week. Some of us were born in the year of the tiger and others were born in the year of the ox. We talked about what it means to be emotional, sympathetic, daring and powerful!
We have also learnt lots about the way in which the Chinese New Year is celebrated.
 Our Chinese Takeaway Restaurant is now open and we have been using pound coins to pay for the food. We have also been using money to count different amounts and found out that Malek is very good at counting money!


Week beginning 18th January

We have been learning about the Chinese New Year and listened to the story of the animals in the race to name the first year. We were very clever writing the story on our own! We have been using ordinal numbers to say which animal came came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and up to 12th and we have been learning how to write them.



We have been having fun using dice to double numbers and recorded our work by drawing spots on butterflies.

Week beginning 11th January

We have been learning about Brazil and the carnival in Rio this week. We looked at a globe and atlas to find Brazil and learnt that is the 5th largest country in the world. We found out lots more about the country and wrote the facts we could remember on our own. we made flags and danced to Samba carnival music.
We made our carnival masks following our designs and they look fantastic!

Week beginning 4th January

We have introduced our new topic this week by looking at carnivals around the world. We watched clips of the Notting Hill Carnival in London and the Rio Carnival in Brazil. We looked at the amazing costumes and headdresses.

We designed our own carnival masks and we are looking forward to making them next week.To end our week we watched the film 'Rio' to get us in the carnival mood!

Welcome back after the Christmas break!
Our topic for this term is



This project has an art focus and teaches children about carnival
art from cultures around the world. At the heart of this project
children write and re-tell a range of stories from a range of
different cultures.
In this project the children will learn:
• About a range of carnivals and celebrations around the world;
• How to use art and design skills to design, make and construct
masks and headdresses;
• How colour, decoration and pattern is used in different cultures;
• About different cultures around the world.
• How to re-tell and write a range of stories from different
• How to make patterns using 2 and 3D shapes;
• How to work together and perform collectively.

Our Topic this term is called

'Family Album!'



This term’s project is titled ‘Family Album’ and has a history focus and teaches children about the chronology of their own lives including their families. At the heart of this project children write simple narrative stories about their own families and develop additional skills in writing simple and sequenced sentences. In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by creating a special book about their own lives using pictures, writing and ICT.

In this project the children will learn:
·   About the chronology of their own lives and the lives of their families;
·   How families are different;
·   How to use first and second hand sources to find out information about their own       lives and families;
·   How humans needs and bodies change over time;
·   About the differences and similarities between life for a child now and in the past;
·   How to present information using a variety of media.