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Year 3

For the next 3 Weeks, Year 3 will be looking at Where People Live.

This will involve investigating our local area and comparing it with people who live in other countries.

We will compare and contrast different countries.

We will investigate plants and flowers that are unique to Wales.

We will be designing our own rooms.

As a homework challenge, we would like the children to think about what they would like to further investigate as part of this mini-topic and let us know first thing on Monday.

We are looking forward to hearing all of your brilliant ideas!


Welcome to Year Three's class page.

Croeso i Flwyddyn Tri.


Our new topic for the Summer Term is Sportswear Designers.


This project has a design and technology focus and teaches children about the properties of a range of materials and how these are used in manufacturing sportswear and equipment. At the heart of this project children will learn how to use the language of advertising to create a range of written and spoken advertisements. In addition they will develop the use of scientific vocabulary to write and record investigations.





Welcome to the Spring Term.

Our topic is called...


Gods and Gladiators

This topic focuses on who the Romans were, where they came from and their impact on the Celt population of Wales and Britain.

We’ll be learning about:

  • the historical events associated with the Roman invasion of Britain and Wales. 
  • About the culture, religion, buildings and way of life in Roman Britain.
  • understanding the role of a Roman soldier;
  • why the Romans came to Britain;
  • what food the Romans ate;
  • who and what were the gladiators.

Our new topic for the 2nd half of the Autumn Term is...


Castles and Dragons


During this topic the children will read stories about castles and dragons. They will write diary entries in role as a character, write instructions and write their own dragon and castle stories.


In history and geography the children will identify the features of a castle and locate different castles across the U.K. They will draw their own maps and carry out a science investigation to find out which material is best for a knights armour. 







Welcome to the Autumn Term!

Our topic is ...

Global Gourmet

This project has a food design and technology focus and teaches children about different food types from around the World, fair trade and the importance of eating a healthy diet for well being.