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Year 4

Welcome to Year Four's class page

Croeso i'r Blwyddyn Pedwar


Teacher: Miss Boston

 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Blackmore


As a class, we have created a website about work we have been doing on Children's Rights. 

                                       Last day of the school year

Thank you for a lovely 2 years, Year 4! Enjoy the summer, stay safe and make lots of memories.


Monday 17th June- Friday 28th June


We had lots of fun hearing about the water cycle from Welsh Water in a whole school assembly. Some of us even had the chance to get up in front of the school and help out. We have also been working really hard to improve our  mental maths by playing fun but challenging games. We also played a dice game which required us to times 2 and 3-digit numbers by a single number.




Monday 3rd June- Friday 14th June


We have been working hard to prepare for Sports Day. You have all done well to volunteer for the sporting events that you enjoy the most. We must remember that Sports Day is about the taking part. You have been working well to create the most magnificent catapults to sell at the Summer Fayre. I know that you are all excited to see your personalised Summer Fayre  bunting  waving in the wind and to buy slime.


On Monday 10th June, we were lucky to have a music lesson today that was taught by Mr Rogers. You learnt about different types of guitars and how to describe different sounds using adjectives. 



Friday 17th May- Friday 31st May

Creative Lead Celebration- Year 4

Parents/ guardians, you are invited to attend the celebration of our Creative Lead Arts Project on Monday 20th May at 2:20pm. The class and artist have worked collaboratively in creating a film that represents the children’s work on rights.


The celebration will include the premiere of our class music video and to showcase this event even further, both the children and the artist will be telling you more about how the video was produced.
Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate toddlers or babies and therefore the celebration will be an adult only event.


This week we have been working hard to divide 2 and 3- digit numbers by a 1-digit number. You have all done fantastic at this! 

30th April- 17th May


It was delightful to see all of your smiley faces on the playground today after what seemed to be a fun two weeks off for most of you. I really enjoyed hearing about all the wonderful things that you did in the holidays. 


It is time to come back and shake the cobwebs off our brains in time for the National tests (Monday 6th- 15th May. Please remember that online Maths homework can be found at . As usual, home reading books can be changed daily. You have all worked hard this year and these test are an opportunity for you to show off everything that you have learnt. 


                          Monday 18th March - Friday 29th March



As part of the Creative Lead Project that Year Four went on a Educational Visit to Cardiff Bay to meet a number of Assembly Members. We had a fantastic time! The children had the chance to interview the following people:


Fiona Kinghorn- Director of Health

Councillor Sarah Merry- Cabinet member for education

An official from the Police Department


This information helped us to understand more about children’s rights. We have also been making a music video using the green screen about Children's Rights and we got to dress up and sing our song that we wrote as a class.

Monday 4th March

Welcome back dosbarth pedwar! We have enjoyed hearing each others half term stories today. What a fantastic day to be welsh.....


Happy St David's Day | Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus


Monday 4th February- Friday 15th February


We have enjoyed being taught by lots of different experts over the last couple of weeks:


Cardiff City- We were visited by Tom from Cardiff City, who taught us Maths themed problem solving lessons. We enjoyed participating in the Super Movers exercises.


Drumming- We learnt a new drumming rhythm that was even more technical than the others that we have learnt. Our drumming teacher said that it was the first time she had ever taught the rhythm to children and that we were the most talented class that she has ever taught! Dosbarth Gwaith da 4/ Good work class 4!


Mrs Harris and Angus the puppet- We learnt all about perseverance and that if we put our mind to it, we can achieve our goals.


Creative Arts project- We know even more about children's right than before! We have created Race equality posters. We have completed pupil voice questionnaires and discussed our views on traffic ( Children's Rights Article 12- Your right to say what you think should happen and be listened to).

Monday 14th January - Friday 25th January 


Wow, what a busy but fantastic fortnight we have had! First, we performed our New Years and Christmas around the world assembly. We have also been working with Bill (a Creative Lead Artist) to learn about Children’s Rights and we have started writing a song about them. We have also worked with our drumming expert to tap to the rhythm of ‘peanut butter, jam sandwich’. Finally, we ended the fortnight with a football themed maths lesson on time which was taught by Tom from Cardiff City.

Monday 3rd December - Friday 14th December


Sean Wharton came into Year 4 as part of the 'Show Racism the Red Card' scheme. We learnt about what happened in the olden days compared to now. The children thought that this workshop was "exciting, amazing and fun". The children who answered Sean's questions won 'Show Racism the Red Card' prizes. 


Independently, we wrote down instructions  on 'How to capture a dragon'. After a lot of practice, the children were filmed telling audiences how to capture a dragon. At first some children were nervous. However, they got over their fears and felt really good about it.


Christmas dinner had a 5* rating from the Year 4 children who had hot dinners. In the dinner hall, the children ate their Christmas dinner whilst listening and singing along to Christmas music. The children enjoyed orange and blackcurrant squash.Year 4 commented about how nice the hall smelt because of the smell of the special dinner.


On Christmas Jumper Day we all had a individual photograph by the Christmas tree. We enjoyed doing Maths and designing Christmas jumpers in our very own Christmas Jumpers. 

Monday 19th November - Friday 30th November


We would like to thank the drama students from Cardiff West for their applaudable performance of ‘Matilda’. Year 4 particularly enjoyed the musical parts of the performance.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… in year four anyway! We have enjoyed designing Christmas posters and stockings. Most of all, the children enjoyed making Snow Globes to sell at the Christmas Fayre. In addition, we have started learning traditional Christmas songs from around the world and  practicing for our Christmas Concert. Tickets for the KS2 Christmas Concert will be on sale from the hall as of Monday 3rd December onwards.


Monday 5th November - Friday 16th November


On Tuesday 6th November, we had a visitor to come and introduce part of our topic... Sensoria! Our visitor was a member of the community who wore a cochlear implant. We asked our visitor lots of questions about the cochlear implant which we enjoyed hearing the answer to. The children thought that the cochlear implant looked like a super agent gadget that made our visitor look very intelligent. 

After that, we tried to read our friends lips... it was very hard! Later on, we put blind folds on and we made lego houses with the help from our partners instructions.  We ended the lesson by thinking about some ways in which we can learn about our topic. The children are very excited to take part in the lessons that they came up with the ideas for themselves.

Our new topic this term is:


This project has a science focus and teaches children about light and sound and how they travel. At the heart of this project children learn how to write poems on the theme of light and sound and learn additional skills in scientific recording and explanation writing.


In this project the children will learn:

• How sound travels and how sounds can be made louder and quieter;

• How shadows are formed and how these change as the position of the sun changes;

• About important people and inventors who helped to create the technology of light and sound;

• How sight and hearing affects people’s everyday life;

• How to use light and sound creatively in art, music and other creative media such as photography;

• How to write poems on a theme.

Monday 1st October - Friday 12th October


We have had a fantastic two weeks! Myself and Mrs Lloyd are very proud of the progress that has been made in swimming lessons. The receptionist at the leisure center suggested that we were the quietest/ most sensible school that she has ever seen... da iawn dosbarth 4! This week we have been learning to add 3-digit numbers to 3-digit numbers. In addition, we have been subtracting 3-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers.




Monday 17th September - Friday 28th September


Swimming Lessons



As part of the Physical Education Curriculum, year 4 will be at Western Leisure Centre partaking in swimming lessons. Our swimming lessons will run from Monday 1st October- Friday 19th October from 9.30am to 10.15 am. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to bring in your P.E kits during these dates. 


We would like to remind you that:

1.    We will be leaving the school as soon as the school bell rings; therefore it is important that you are on time.

2.    You should wear your swimwear under your school uniform.

3.    As we are walking to the Leisure Centre, you will need a warm coat to take. 

4.    You will need a towel and a change of undergarments in your bag.


Welcome to Year 4


We look forward to welcoming you back on Tuesday 4th September and hope that you have had a fantastic summer holidays. Our first term promises to include lots of fun filled lessons.


‘Bones, Blood & Gory Bits’


Our topic this term is ‘Bones, Blood & Gory Bits’. This topic has a science focus and will teach you all about the human body. You will learn all about organs such as the heart, brain and lungs and how they keep us alive and well. We will also look at the importance of exercise and a healthy diet to keep the body fit and healthy.