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Year 5

Welcome to Year Five's class page.

Croeso i'r Blwyddyn Pump.


Teacher: Mr Lane 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Romanelli

Our Topic for this term is          'Beast Creator'

Peacock Spider


This project has a science focus which teaches the children about the life cycles and habitats, body parts and functions of different minibeasts in the locality and beyond. At the heart of this project the children will learn how to write narrative fantasy stories on the theme of minibeasts and develop additional skills in note making, scientific and technical language and recording and explanation skills.

We have had a very busy week this week. The sun has been shining and why not make the most of it? We have been creating treasure maps of the field using our maths skills. We have plotted co-ordinates on the playground in teams and attended the Elylympics. A big thanks to all the parents who came to cheer us on to achieve 3rd place!
This week we have been busy learning the properties of different objects and ways to classify how light passes through them. We already know that light travels in straight lines and we have learnt how to classify they way light passes through them. We now have a special investigation we want to try next week. Watch this space...
This week we enjoyed a visit from welsh water. We had alot of fun and we were able to put our numeracy skills into action working with capacity. 
This week we have been learning to tell the time in Welsh. We enjoyed playing group games to challenge and support eachother. To move our learning forward we will be looking at how times relate to daily activities. 
This week we are looking forward to the Summer Fayre. We have made posters, bunting and thought of some fantastic ideas for our stalls. We decided to make PokeBall biscuits with some expertise from Mrs Romanelli. Take a look!
This week we have been on a minibeast hunt. We are lucky to have such a vast outdoor area that is home to many weird and wonderful beasts. We were able to collect minibeasts using the correct equipment. We then fed this into our language lesson by observing and describing movement using verbs and adverbs. Not to worry Mrs Romanelli kindly returned them to their natural habitats after the lesson. 

This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from the fire service. They reminded us all about what we should do if we encounter a fire at home. We had some brilliant questions and even better answers. We even got to see and learn about the fire rescue uniform. We would like to thank the fire service for keeping us safe at all times. 

Our topic for this term will be ‘Gallery!’

This project has an art focus and explores the artwork of a variety of artists from different periods of history and develops children’s painting skills using a range of materials. At the heart of this project children learn how to write classically structured poetry and develop additional skills in the use of figurative language and descriptive vocabulary.  In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by opening their own art gallery to exhibit their work on a local and national scale. In this project the children will learn:

· How the work of various artists throughout history has been used to express their views, and how artists’ work reflected the times they lived in;

· How artists use various skills to work with different media;

· How art and poetry can be used to express the views of the

· How to write a poem on a theme using figurative and expressive language.

· How to organise a display of artwork;

· How to use ICT to find information, display information and create art;

· How to use art and poetry to express feelings and opinions.


Our Topic - Potions


This project has a science focus and teaches children about the
changing state of materials including solids, liquids and gases. At the
heart of this project children write autobiographies and biographies
of famous scientists and develop additional skills in recording
investigations and fair tests using scientific formats and vocabulary.
In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding
by creating their own products to sell in the gift shop ‘Potions’ using
what they have learnt about materials and their changing properties.
In this project the children will learn:
• About processes which change the state of a range of materials
including freezing, melting, boiling, drying, dissolving and burning;
• How materials can be separated by filtering and sieving;
• How we use these processes in our everyday lives;
• How to carry out fair tests and investigations;
• About the features of autobiographical and biographical writing
and how to use these to write about themselves and others;
• How to carry out tests and investigations safely and with attention
to detail;
• How to use maths including measures and money in a real life

We have been researching probably to most famous and lucrative potion of our time - Coca-Cola. We have been looking at the company and brand through time to understand why Coca-Cola is so popular. We then took time to decide what we would like to learn about this term as a class in relation to our new topic 'Potions'.

Our Topic - Heroes and Villains 

Our Topic - Bend and Flow





Our topic this term is Bend and Flow. It has a geography focus and teaches children about rivers, rainfalls, soils and the impact of water on the local community. At the heart of this project children will learn to write poetry about rivers and develop additional skills in persuasive and report writing.

This week we have been working on our oracy skills. In order to progress to writing detailed and interesting newspaper reports we need to understand the power of direct speech and the impact of interviews.