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Year 6


Please remember these important dates:

Monday 3rd July - Mary Immaculate High School Transition Day

Tuesday 4th July - Oakwood Theme Park Educational Visit

Friday 7th July - Ely Football Festival

Monday 10th July- INSET DAY

Tuesday 11th July - Sports Day (weather permitting) and the start of World Awareness Week

Friday 14th July- Leavers Assembly for Year 6 9.20am.


Monday 19th June - Friday 30th June

We've now started our preparations for the Summer Fayre. We've been busy making and getting messy in Year 6! We'll keep it a surprise, but be sure to remember to come along to our Fayre on Thursday 29th June to see what we've been making. 


Many of us had a fun day at the Cardiff West High School Transition Day on Friday 23rd June. Many children came back very excited. A quote from one child was "High School is amazing!". 

Please remember the Mary Immaculate Transition Day is on Monday 3rd July and the children need to make their own way to the school for 9 am. 

Many of the Year 6 children have also gone to Kingswood for the Educational Residential Visit. We hope they have a brilliant time and we're looking forward to hearing all about it when they return.


Well done to all the children from Pencaerau who took part in the Elympics 2017. It was a HUGE success! 












Monday 5th June - Friday 16th June

This fortnight we have been busy learning about the Blitz. We've looked at Air Raid Shelters and discussed Morrison Shelters. We've also started to create some artwork using pastels and black paper to create our own Blitz skyline silhouettes. Photos of this will be uploaded very soon!


Welcome to the final half term of the year! 


This is a particularly fun-filled and exciting time for our Year 6 children. Over the next few weeks, we'll be busy enjoying Sports Day, High School Transition Days, The Kingswood Educational Visit, Oakwood Educational Visit, The Summer Fayre and of course practising for our Year 6 Leavers Assembly! 




Monday 8th May - Friday 22nd May

Over the last few weeks we have been working on writing non-chronological reports. We've looked at a variety and revisited the features that need to be included. 

We have also been researching World War II and creating a timeline of the events that happened.

In our Science lessons we've been looking at the life cycle of a flowering plant and looking at the different ways that seeds disperse.

Have a brilliant half term break everyone! 



Monday 24th April - Friday 5th May

This fortnight we've been busy preparing for and working hard on the National Tests. So far the children have been giving their all and being incredibly resilient during the tests- keep it up Year 6!

We've also had a bit of fun creating different sized gyrocopters to investigate which will reach the ground the fastest. 


Welcome to the Summer Term! 

Our new topic is...


The Blitz


 This project has a history focus and teaches children about the

Second World War including an understanding of the reasons for

war, the impact on the everyday lives of people including children

and about significant individuals of the period. 


In this project the children will learn:

• About the chronology of events between 1939-1945;

• About the impact of the war on the everyday lives of ordinary

people in Wales;

• About significant people of the time who played an important

role in the Welsh war effort;

• About the key aspects of narrative story writing, including


• About how to use a range of sources to find information.



Monday 3rd April - Friday 7th April 

We've been busy working on our 'Skimming and Scanning' strategies recently. We've been reading lots of different texts and learning how to answer questions using the text to help us find clues. We've also been working on our Reasoning skills in Maths. We've been trying to make sure we use lots of different mathematical strategies to help us work out the answer. 

Have a wonderful Easter holiday and we'll look forward to seeing you all refreshed ready for the final term of the year. 


Monday 20th March - 31st March

We've had a busy fortnight learning about Amelia Earhart. We have written our own News Script pretending to interview her. We spent a while hot seating her and thinking of questions that people would be interested in finding out the answer to. 

We've also been learning to plot co-ordinates in four quadrants in Maths. We worked out how to translate shapes, which was harder than we first thought! 

We've also had fun celebrating Red Nose Day with a fun-filled fashion show in the hall.


Monday 6th March - Friday 17th March

Over the last fortnight, we've been working hard with some interesting Science investigations. We had to help Mrs James in the nursery by finding out which brand of kitchen roll is the best for mopping up milk that's been spilt by the nursery children. We researched some interesting information about absorbent materials on the internet to help us with our predictions. It was really interesting as the thickest kitchen roll didn't turn out to be the most absorbent! 


We've also had our first session with Cardiff City to develop our football skills. We had great fun learning some new skills and then used the skills in a football match at the end. 

Children, please remember the day Cardiff City will be visiting us from now on is a MONDAY. So please remember your PE kits! 



Monday 27th February - Friday 3rd March

We've had a wonderful week celebrating St David's day. Thank you to everyone who entered the homework competitions and to everyone who dressed up for our St David's Day Eisteddfod. We all worked hard to learn our lines and everyone performed the Welsh Sketch brilliantly. 

Da iawn ti! 





We've also had a visit from the RNLI this week to talk to us about how to stay safe on the beach. 

They explained about all the different flags that we will find on the beach.



They also explained how they rescue people in different circumstances and we had a go at pretending to be lifeguards!








Super virus imovies

Still image for this video
These imovies were created by some of the children in Year 6. They researched microbes, viruses and micro organisms and then used the Pic Collage app and the imovies app to help create these short films.

Still image for this video

Ruby and

Still image for this video

Kadie, Katie L and

Still image for this video

Croeso i'r blwyddyn 6!

Welcome to Year 6!


Teacher: Miss Woolley


Welcome to the Spring Term of Year 6!


Our topic for the first half of this term will be...

Skin Deep


This project has a Science focus and teaches the children about micro-organisms focussing on bacteria and the impact these can have on the human body. This topic also links to our new Science topic of 'Healthy Living'. We'll be exploring ways to keep healthy and looking at our heart and pulse rate. 


The children will learn:

- About the conditions needed for bacteria to grow and spread;

- The effect of micro-organisms on food and the human body;

- About significant individuals in history associated with important scientific developments;

- How to write accounts of both real and imagined events;

- How to use ICT to create animation.


Monday 13th February - Friday 17th February

This week has been Welsh Week. We've been busy writing some poems using figurative language to describe the Welsh Coastline. We have also been looking at the artwork of Rhiannon Roberts. We've tried to recreate some of her work using pastels. We have also started learning our lines for our Welsh Sketch ready for our Eisteddfod after half term. 


Have a wonderful half term everyone and we'll look forward to seeing you back in school on Monday 27th February.


Monday 30th January - Friday 10th February

Over the fortnight we've been looking into ways of subtracting by adding. We've learned to use the frog method. This is using an empty number line to help us count on in different sized jumps. We always start with the smallest number and count on until we get to the biggest number. We've also learnt that we could round a number to the nearest multiple to help us subtract it, or we could just count back. 

We have also been researching viruses, micro-organisms and microbes. We were told that a super virus was spreading across Wales and causing severe vomiting in all who caught it. We had to create a short film to appeal to children, informing them about the virus, the way it spreads and how it can be prevented. We spent a few lessons working out how to solve this problem and did some research. We then used two apps on the Ipads to help. We used PicCollage and Imovie. Some of these imovies are ready for you to watch. They are at the top of this page.



Monday 16th January - Friday 28th January

We've had a very busy fortnight with lots of visitors. Braces Bread came to visit to explain and show us how bread is made. This fitted in perfectly with our Skin Deep topic. We've been learning about yeast and helpful micro-organisms.




We also had a visit from the Ghastly Gravy Ship to tell us all about food hygiene. Again this fitted in brilliantly with our topic because we've been learning about bacteria on food and hands. We've even started growing mould on bread in a Science investigation! 










Wednesday 4th January - Friday 13th January

Since returning to school after the Christmas holidays we have been learning to write newspaper reports. We have learned the difference between direct and reported speech.


In maths, we have been learning to find the area and perimeter of different shapes. 


We have started our new topic 'Skin Deep' and have been learning about where different organs are in our bodies. We've investigated our pulse rates and started to think about the effect exercise has on our bodies.  






Our topic for the autumn term is called...


Scream Machine



This topic has a science focus and teaches children about a range of forces including gravity. At the heart of this project, children write shape poems on the theme of roller coasters and develop additional skills in writing explanations and recording scientific investigations.


In this project the children will learn:

- About a range of different forces including gravity;

- How to carry out fair tests and investigations;

- About the properties of different materials and how to combine them to make them stronger;

- How to write shape poems;

- How to use ICT and multimedia resources to create a presentation.


Monday 5th December - Friday 16th December

 We have now completed our performances of 'C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas'. The children worked really hard with their acting and singing and I hope you enjoyed watching their performances. We have also had our Christmas Fair and it was a brilliant success. All the children worked hard to make Christmas crafts to sell. Amongst all the Christmas fun we have also been working hard with our writing and maths! We've written a newspaper report detailing information about a strange occurrence where a whole street got wrapped up in wrapping paper! The children thought of some wonderful headlines for the report and worked really hard to write what happened including some quotes from the people involved in the event. 


We would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you all refreshed ready for a new term starting on Wednesday 4th January. 

Please remember to complete your homework by Friday 6th January! 


Monday 21st November - Friday 2nd December

We've had another busy fortnight! We've been rehearsing for our Christmas Concert called 'C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas'.

We've also been planning a Science investigation thinking about water resistance. We've been trying to work out what shape boat will travel the fastest.

We have also been using the computer to design packaging for a 'Christmas Treat' that we'll be selling at our Christmas Fair. 


Monday 14th November - Friday 18th November

Wow! What a week! We've been busy learning algebra and how to solve missing number problems. We've also had lots of fun creating our own 'Crazy Creatures' in preparation for writing a short story.


We had a visit from some magistrates too. They were brilliant at explaining the court system to us and then we got to act out our very own trial in class!







Also on Friday 18th November we spent the afternoon at 'Spit and Sawdust' Skate Park! We had a brilliant time and managed to only get a few bruises!

Here are a small selection of photos of us skating. The full set of photos can be found in the class links if you scroll to the end of this page.









Monday 31st October - Friday 11th November

It's been another busy fortnight! We had our 'Garden of Reflection' opening ceremony on Wednesday 2nd November. It was wonderful to see so many parents and to enjoy beautiful clear blue skies whilst we buried our time capsule and officially opened the garden. 


We also thoroughly enjoyed our Monsters Ball on Thursday 3rd November. There were some wonderful costumes and lots of fun was had dancing and playing games! 


We have been busy in class learning about measurements. We've been looking at different amounts of liquids and the different weights of items. We've been working hard converting some of these measurements as well as enjoying some practical lessons helping us to understand the different units of measurement. 




We also had a talk from the Fire Service on Thursday 10th November. We learnt about how to prevent fires in our homes and what to do if a fire did break out. We also got to look inside the fire engine and learn about some of the things that they use to put out fires. 











Monday 17th October - Friday 21st October

We've had lots of fun with maths this week. We've been lucky enough to have two sets of visitors in school to help us solve some fun problems. Here are some photos of us working together to try to solve them. 














Monday 3rd October  - Friday 14th October

We've had another busy fortnight. We've been thinking about our lives so far and learning how to write our autobiography. We've identified all the features of autobiographies. Ask your child if they can remember any?! We remembered some of the fun things that we've done in school and at home and wrote about them in the past tense thinking about keeping the reader interested. 


We've also been working with the RSPB. We went out onto the school field and had to locate different habitats. It was great fun and we learned that we actually have loads of habitats for animals on our school field. We're so fortunate to have this wonderful space. 


Monday 26th September - Friday 30th September

Thank you to all the parents who came to watch our Harvest Assembly. All the children worked really hard to put on the performance and to remember all of their lines and song words. 


Here we are singing 'Conkers'



Here we are reading out our Autumn poems. We had to use similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification.


We performed a play called 'Rainbow People' it was to show the importance of working together as a team.





We recited a Welsh poem about the food of the world called 'Bwyd y Byd'.



Thank you for all of your kind donations for our Harvest collection. They will all be distributed in our local community and to Cardiff Food Bank. 

These are just a selection of them!





Monday 12th September - Friday 23rd September

We have been busy working on our 'Scream Machine' topic over the last fortnight. We have been using the internet to research how roller coasters have changed and developed over time. Did you know the first rollercoaster was on ice and you had to crash into a sand bank to stop?! 

We have been thinking about adjectives, similes, metaphors and personification to help us write poems about roller coasters. 


We also had a visitor from the British Red Cross who explained lots of interesting ways to help people in need of First Aid. 







We are now busy rehearsing our Harvest Assembly. Please remember you are welcome to watch on Friday 30th September at 9.15am. If you have children under nursery age please come and see our Dress Rehearsal on Thursday 29th September at 2.15pm. 

(Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see more details on the letter that was sent home with your child this week) 



Monday 5th September - Friday 9th September

We have had a wonderful first week in Year 6. The children have all settled in well and have started to think about goals that they would like to achieve by the end of the year. We have been talking about the word 'resilience' and the importance of keeping going even when you find things difficult. We have also been practising our times tables and handwriting. 



The children will receive homework and spelling words to learn every Friday. Please encourage your child to complete their homework and return it to school the following Friday. Please support your child in learning their weekly spellings in preparation for a spelling test on a Friday. 


PE days

Our PE days will be a Tuesday and a Friday. Please ensure your child has their full PE kit in school on these days. 




Harvest Assembly Letter to parents

Children in Need