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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!
Croeso i Blwyddyn 6!

Teachers: Miss Dicker and Miss Woolley

Welcome back to the second half of the Summer Term!


Our topic this term is called 'Beast Creator' 


This topic has a Science focus which teaches the children about the life cycles and habitats, body parts and functions of different minibeasts in the locality and beyond. At the heart of this project the children will learn how to write narrative fantasy stories on the theme of minibeasts and develop additional skills in note making, scientific and technical language and recording and explanation skills.

In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by creating their own super minibeasts.

In this project the children will learn:

• About the characteristics, life cycles and habitats of a range of insects and minibeasts;
• How to collect and present scientific and mathematical data using ICT and multimedia;
• How to use and apply scientific knowledge to design a unique minibeast based on what you have learnt about minibeast body parts;
• To use design technology skills effectively to make a model;
• How to write exciting fantasy narrative stories.

Monday 4th July - Friday 15th July


This fortnight the Year 6 children that are going to Michaelston Federation had a really successful transition day and enjoyed meeting some of their new teachers and getting to know the school a little better.


They are now very busy rehearsing for their leavers ceremony. We are nearing the end of term and the children are now very excited about all the celebrations ahead. Please remember to come and collect your 2 free adult tickets for the ceremony on Monday 18th July. 

Monday 20th June - Friday 1st July


The children who went on our educational visit to Kingswood had a fantastic time! They were all very well behaved and are now all very tired. This week we have been looking at underwater creatures as part of our topic 'Beast Creator'. The children used the internet to research different deep water creatures and their specific adaptations to this difficult environment. They found some really strange looking creatures! They then worked in groups to design, name and describe their very own creature. They can to consider its adaptations and how it would survive in this harsh environment. 


The children had a fantastic sports day. Luckily the weather stayed dry for us during the morning and it was great to see so many parents there supporting the event. Thank you to you all for coming.

Monday 6th June - Friday 17th June


This fortnight the children have been introduced to their new topic of 'Beast Creator'. They have used the internet to research questions based on mini beasts and have begun to create a presentation based around the topic. The children who went to Kingswood on our educational visit had a fantastic time and were all very well behaved. We hope that they will now bring some of their new team work skills back into the classroom.


If you have not yet completed the permission slip for your child to go to Porthkerry Country Park on the 11th July, please do so with the correct payment as soon as possible.


Welcome back to the Summer Term! Hope you have all had a great Easter break.




Our new topic this term is called 'Energy'. This project has a focus on science and teaches children about the different types and sources of energy. The children will learn about the social, environmental and economic impact of energy sources. They will use there skill of persuasion to debate the positive and negative impacts of renewable energy. At the heart of the project the children will be creating their own micro wind farm and write letters to organisations with explanations and scientific recordings and observations of their models. 

In this project the children will learn:
• About different sources of energy;
• How these work and what forces they use;
• About the uses of different power and energy sources in our
everyday lives;
• About the impact of energy sources on humans, economy and
the environment;
• About the generation of Energy from Wales;
• How to carry out fair tests;
• How to make a range of models to generate energy;
• How to record and draw inferences from data;

• How to write letters in a formal style.


Monday 16th May - Friday 27th May

This fortnight the children have been very lucky to have some amazing visits and visitors! Last Monday the children attended a Multi Sport day at Cardiff University where they took part in team activities such as hockey, football, gymnastics and judo. They all had a fantastic day and Pencaerau won the most points and were awarded a trophy! As part of our topic 'Energy' the children had a very interesting Energy workshop where they learnt all about the causes and effects of Global Warming. They also took part in a Red Cross workshop where they learnt basic first aid skills. 


Monday 18th April - Friday 22nd April

This week we have been very busy, especially during our Science lessons. Miss Dicker's class have been looking at and exploring animals and classification. They have used keys and flow charts to identify a variety of animals. Miss Woolley's class have been exploring air resistance. They have designed and made a variety of paper aeroplanes that they have tested and investigated for air resistance.



Monday 11th April - Friday 15th April

We have had a very busy first week back! The children have been introduced to their new topic of energy and have had some great ideas of things they'd like to learn about and do during the topic. In our English lessons the children have been busy writing playscripts of famous tales, scenes in films and adding a script to an animation. 




The Gallery project has an art focus and explores the artwork of a variety of artists from different periods of history.

It develops children’s painting skills using a range of materials a
In this project the children will learn:

  • How the work of various artists throughout history has been
used to express their views, and how artists’ work reflected the
times they lived in;

  • To develop their painting skills using a range of materials;
  • How art and poetry can be used to express the views of the
artist or poet;
  • How to write a poem on a theme using figurative and
expressive language;
  • How to use ICT to find information, display information and
create art.

Please continue to check this page. We will upload more information about what we have been learning once we have started the project. 

Monday 14th March - Friday 18th March

We have had another very busy week. We have been practicing our Welsh reading by reading playscrips, letters and books in Welsh and answering questions about them. We have also been trying hard to write our own scripts in Welsh. In our language sessions we have been busy writing alternative resolutions and endings to the familiar Wallace and Gromit tale, 'The Wrong Trousers' Remember that the deadline for the homework competition to write a story entitled 'The Dare' is on Monday 21st March. Get writing and good luck!

Monday 7th March - Friday 11th March
This week we have launched our topic of 'Gallery' We have looked at the work of some famous artist through time and used our mathematic skills to place them on a timeline. We also used our IT skills to find out facts about our favourites. Did you know Van Gogh cut off part of his own ear?!

Monday 29th February - Friday 4th March

This week we have had lots of fun celebrating St David's Day. We performed our Welsh Sketch and enjoyed watching the performances from all the other classes too.

Monday 22nd February - Friday 26th February


'Welsh Culture Week'.

Both Year 6 classes have been busy rehearsing a sketch for our St David's Day Concert which takes place on Tuesday 1st March. We have also been busy completing class competitions including a handwriting, writing and art competition. For the art competition we looked at the Welsh artist Rhiannon Roberts. Rhiannon paints various scenes with bright and vibrant colours. She mixes reality with fantasy to create magical worlds. Here is a link to her website:


'Bend and Flow'


This project has a geography focus and teaches children about
rivers, rainfall, soils and the impact of water on the local community
and communities. At the heart of this project the children will learn
to write poetry on a rivers theme and develop additional skills in
persuasive and report writing.

In this project the children will learn:
• About significant rivers of Wales;
• To use a range of geographical skills to investigate the physical
features of rivers, including the water cycle, and to consider the
impact these features might have on the landscape over time and
in specific locations;
• To use ICT and other sources to find, record and present
• To respond to a stimulus in a creative way, developing skills in the
expressive arts;
• To write poetry on a theme using descriptive and expressive
• To present a balanced argument, based on factual information.
Monday 1st February - Friday 5th February

We have been working hard again this week. During our mathematic lessons we carried out an investigation to help Mr Young work out the amount of flooring he would need for his new kitchen by calculating the area of the room and then we had to work out how much it would cost him. He was very grateful for our help! For our topic work we have been looking at continents and countries around the world and locating the largest rivers. The choir children enjoyed working with other schools on their visit on Friday and are looking forward to their next performance already.  

Monday 25th January - Friday 29th January

We have had another busy week writing short stories and explanation texts using short video clips as a stimulus. We have been working hard on our comprehension skills, looking at different techniques to help us find information quickly. 

Monday 18th January - Friday 22nd January

This week we have continued with our work on rivers. We have begun to research the River Taff that runs through Cardiff, finding some interesting geographical facts about it and how it has changed and developed over the years. In our mathematics lessons we have been converting times from analogue, digital and the 24 hour clock. We have used this skill in practical situations and to solve word problems. Don't forget to check the 'Active learn' website for maths homework and games!


Monday 11th January - Friday 15th January

We have continued to work hard this week learning even more about rivers. We have used the internet and information texts to gather facts about the lengths and depths of different rivers and have input this data onto tables and graphs.

We have also enjoyed using the technique of collaging to create images of landscapes that feature a river.


Monday 4th January - Friday 8th January


We have had a busy first week back at school after the Christmas break. In Science we have been learning about the Water Cycle.



We've also started to think about the journey of a river. We've learned a lot of new words this week. For example, tributary, mouth, source, confluence, delta, ox-bow lake, flood plain and meander. Maybe you could test your child to see if they can remember what any of these words mean!

We have also written some poems about rivers and have been trying to use personification to help us give human qualities to a river. We will upload some of our work onto here very soon for you to see. 

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

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