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General class info:

  • PE has changed days for a short while! From 12th February, our days will be THURSDAY and FRIDAY.  A letter will come out to let you know when it changes back. Please remember your t-shirt, leggings / tracksuit trousers and trainers. Jackets too, if it's cold!
  • Fruit is available to buy in the yard every morning before the bell rings, 20p for each piece. 

The last Summer term is here!

This term, our new topic will be...


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This project has a geography focus and teaches children about

tourism and the impact this can have on people and places. At the

heart of this project children learn how to write adverts and develop

additional skills in the use of persuasive and descriptive language.

Children will be learning how to apply their skills and understanding

by budgeting and preparing an overseas trip for a family of four.


We are all looking forward to this last half term - let's hope the weather stays warm and dry and can take some opportunities for some outdoor learning experiences!


National Marine Aquarium




We were lucky enough to have a visit from the NMA this week. The staff from the aquarium completed some great workshops with the children. Year 4 had a vote and chose to take part in the fossil workshop. They had the chance to learn about how fossils are formed, "dig up" their own fossils and have a go at being a paleoartist - designing their own dinosaur skin!



National Marine Aquarium

National Marine Aquarium II

Summer Term

The Summer is here! Our topic this half term is: 

The Victorians. 

This project has a history focus and teaches children about the Victorian era including the lives of the rich and poor and other significant social and moral changes of the 19th century. At the heart of this project children learn how to write newspaper and other reports on an historical theme and learn additional skills of explanation writing.
In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by attending a dinner party with Queen Victoria in order to present
some of the social and moral causes of the time.



Spring Term 2018

Our topic this term is called

This project has a geography focus and teaches children about the causes and impact of natural disasters involving water, flooding and
erosion and the environmental factors which cause them. At the heart of this project children write reports using factual data with
global dimension. In addition children develop skills to write and present findings from tests and investigations using scientific
and geographical language.
Children will apply their skills and understanding
by creating a filmed news report/documentary about the future dangers of flooding, erosion and environmental damage.


This term we are lucky enough to be working with an artist every week as part of the Creative Schools project. Every week, the children will be exploring art through a variety of mediums including designing and creating models in clay. A large part of the focus of the project is also to help children develop their maths skills; they will be measuring, converting, learning about 3-D shapes and their properties and extending their use of mathematical language. This will be a hugely enjoyable project for the children and I can't wait to see what they produce over the 10 weeks!









Week ending Friday 22nd December

What a lovely week! The children have been working very hard on learning their parts for the Christmas concert. There have been a lot of songs, lines and actions to practice and they have done us proud! The end result, The Magical Christmas Jigsaw, was a fabulous concert, as I'm sure the parents who came to watch would agree. All the children played a crucial part and everything came together beautifully! 

I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a happy and peaceful new year!







Monday 20th November to Friday 1st December


Year 4 have been using their creativity this week. We watched a short film and the children created some diary entries to accompany the film. We made sure to use some of the parts of English that we have been learning about such as adverbs, conjunctions, adjectives etc. We have also been doing some work based on Thomas Edison, a famous inventor and brilliant mind! I wonder if the children can tell you anything about this famous man? 

For part of our new topic, Sensoria, the children have been learning about light and sound. How does sound travel? Does it go faster or slower than light? Does sound travel faster through air or water? I hope that, following their investigations, the children will be able to answer all of these questions!

In maths, the children have been developing their weighing skills as well as multiplying and dividing by 10. 

We have been busy getting our crafts and products ready for the Xmas Fayre, too. The rocky road was great fun to make (even nicer to eat!) and the children loved designing and making their xmas stockings.

A big thank you to all those parents who came to the Fayre and helped to support the school. It was great fun, as always!






Monday 6th November to Friday 17th November

The children have been working hard practising for their class assembly based on our class value of tolerance. This work really paid off; the children were fantastic during our performance on Friday! They spoke clearly, remembered all their lines and sang like real professionals. Thank you for helping them to learn their lines and perform with such confidence.






We have been working on our creative writing skills over the past fortnight. Year 4 have been working on using prepositions, conjunctions and interesting language, and are now putting all these skills into practise in their work.

In Maths, the children have have been problem solving, working on fractions and decimals and comparing and adding larger numbers. 

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Miss Dicker (who is on a year's sabbatical) from Welsh Water. The children enjoyed a very hands-on session and had to put all their practical mathematical skills to the test when planning where to place water pipes in an imaginary town. They had to work out the costings per mile of the pipes and connectors as well as creating a working model using pipes and water. They showed great team work!

This week has also been Anti-bullying week. We have been discussing ways of being kind, how we should treat others and celebrating the way in which we look out for each other in Pencaerau. 

Children In Need was celebrated on Friday 17th. The children looked great with their spots and stripes and wacky hair! Thank you all very much for donating money for Pudsey's piggy Bank, it all goes to a great cause and we are very proud of the children for playing their part in helping others. 



Welcome to the Year 4 page!

We have had a very busy start to the year. The children are already showing me how much they have changed since we were last together!

Our Topic this term is a really exciting one; 

Bones, Blood And Gory Bits!



As you can probably guess, this is a Science based topic and will focus on the human body. We will also  incorporate Art, D&T, History, ICT, Maths, PE and PSE.

Monday 25th September - Friday 29th September

Another busy week! The children are continuing to enjoy their weekly swimming lessons at the leisure centre. They are also developing their rugby skills in our school based PE lessons.

This week, the children have been learning about and researching the heart. They have been using the internet to complete research and sharing their learning with their classmates. 

In English we have been exploring Aesop's Fables. These short stories have valuable moral messages, and the children will be thinking of their own story to write next week.

In Maths, the focus has been on the 6 and 9 times tables; using our mental recall to solve maths problems. We have been working on solving word problems during our maths investigation lesson. 

In  other areas, the children have been learning about the parables of Jesus; which religions use the Bible? Are there any other special or "holy" books that also contain important stories? 

In Welsh, year 4 have been talking about holidays, in particular going camping. They have been brushing up their vocabulary and practising having conversations with others.

Their artistic flair has been put to good use this week, too! Posters have been made of the heart. Children have used their technical skills to create posters on the computers. 


Monday 9th October to Friday 20th October

This fortnight, the children have been examining the various parts of language that help to make us better writers. We have been making up stories using imaginative phrases and descriptive language. We have been learning about clauses and conjunctions and how to use them to good effect when writing. The children have written some lovely fables of their own.

In our topic work, the children have been learning about the function of the lungs and the blood and acting out the different elements of the blood - being white blood cells, red cells, plasma etc in the hall in our PE sessions! 

Year 4 have been developing their measuring skills and also working on different methods of addition such as the expanded method and the column method. They have also been stratching themsleves to add 3 digits, sometimes very large ones!



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